Thursday, July 27, 2006

Greetings from Atlanta!

I got here yesterday morning and though the conference wasn't in full swing, the place is full of 'alive' with industry professionals from authors to editors to agents to...well, you name it. If they're connected with books in any fashion, they're here {g}

I met our Kat Mancos face-to-face for the first time yesterday--while I was talking to Shirley Hailstock (past RWA President. As I started to introduce Kat, I was surprised to learn that Kat and Shirley already knew each other! Talk about 6 Degrees of Separation!

Then as I checked in to the Conference, I met (too briefly!) our Skylar Massey who was volunteering at the desk! Skylar and Kat, if you're reading this, look me up for lunch so we can chat more. I hope to be sitting with Patti O'Shea, our recent guest blogger and, if we can find her, another friend, Jennifer Green.

I took quite a few pictures at the Literacy Signing but forgot to bring the cable so I could import them here (I'll do it when I get back).

Finally, last night I attended the FF&P Chapter Gathering, a dessert reception/Prism awards ceremony. There were a number of agents and editors attending. Though I left early (was starting to fall asleep at the table!), the talk seemed to be that the paranormal genre is still hot and growing (excellent news for all of us!)

More later!


Angela Verdenius said...

oh, I am sooooo green with envy! Meeting all the big wigs and meeting each other! LOL Okay, I'm not jealous of you all, just wish I'd been there to meet you, too!

Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

Hey, maybe I'll see you all at the RT in 2008? I went last year to St Louis, but as I'm coming from Australia, I can't go every year, worse luck *sigh*. But I will be there in 2008!


Lynda K. Scott said...

I'd love to meet you in 2008, Angela! Right now, I'm contemplating the next RT in Houston but...even though I'm not coming from Australia, the expense might be a bit more than I can afford after National {g}