Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Day Late and $1.98 Short- Again

Damn and Crap!!!

Once again word comes to me that one of the ideas that I have had brewing in my most troubled and twisted mind is being made into a movie...and before you shower me in kudos, let me just say....someone else wrote it before I did and I never knew. Why does this always happen to me? Someone ripping the rug right out from under my good idea and selling it to Hollywoood. Don't I deserve to be first in line...just once?

I can take heart that the current idea to beat me to the punch is at least a little different than mine. But not enough I think. Because I strive to be as original as possible I have this horrible fear of going ahead and writing these novels and someone saying..."What's wrong, Kat, can't find an idea on your own?" -- This nightmare wakes me from sound sleep and gives me freakin' hives.

This happened before, only about a year or so ago with Medium and Ghost Whisperer. I had an idea for a woman who can speak to the dead...and because it was a sequel my book to "By A Silken Thread" I really wanted the paranormal element to remain in. So, over lunch one day my most excellent critique partner and I came up with another twist in the story to make my character different from all the other characters out there who can "see dead people."

The advice I get from most people when I bring up this complaint is: go ahead and write it anyways, because your story is going to be different from theirs anyhow. True. True. I don't believe the novel and now movie that I read about today will have any romance in it--since it's written by a man and romance is just not their first or even second thought while writing something, I'm probably pretty safe-- That's not to say men can't write romantic books or scenes, it just isn't done that often. Their stories tend to be more action oriented. My idea is also very dry in humor and is mostly fun, with a serious underbelly. I don't know the tone of the book that I learned about today since I don't plan to read it. I don't want it to taint or influence how I write my book, but I may go to or and read the blurb just to be sure it's not even close.

Will I go ahead and write my book? Oh, probably. On my list of books to write, it's listed at number 4, and I'm currently flying through the second book on the list.

Well, I have to go and beat my head against a brick wall now.



Angela Verdenius said...

oh MATE! I know how you feel! I've come up with some great ideas, jotted them down...only to read a book some months or shortly after, only to find that my idea has been done already!

I'm starting to think there are mind vampires out there, sucking out my ideas...


Lynda K. Scott said...

Mind vampires! Okay, I'm telling you all--this is MY idea. Nobody can steal it. Mind vampires...I can see the plot forming in my mind now : D's been done?


Well, I'm going to do it anyway cause my plot WILL be different.

And so will yours, Kat.

Skylar Masey said...

I've gotten so frustrated at hearing the words, "we already have something like this in our schedule" from publishers. I just want to screech, but you haven't read mine! The characters are different, the setting, and plot are all differnt from that other book. I understand having a variety in their array, but what if mine is better? I guess I'll have to heart that on down the line future recipients won't say the same.

I've recently finished revisions on BIM, and immediately my brain started dissecting it to see if it resembled anything. In case you couldn't tell, I'm a huge TV/movie watcher. So now I'm drawing correlations that my heroes resemble the X-men setup, that my techno elements are Terminator-ish, and that my hell-raising character Kaida resembles someone from Serenity, etc. When I wrote the book I hadn't thought of any of these ties, but afterwards I can see the similarities in the nuances.

I also try to stay away from anything remotely like what I'm writing, because I don't want to chance using any similar elements accidentially.