Monday, August 07, 2006

Heroes Among Us

Sci-Fi wants to know WHO WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO? My answer—jumping up and down like a cheerleader on a sugar high, my hands waving wildly in the air—ME!

Of course I leapt over from Yahoo’s summer TV guide (where I found this intriguing nugget) to Sci-Fi’s website ( Only to find some really cool graphics which include a list of all 11 hero/heroines. Which means they’re done casting (for this season at least).

Bummer. I’ve wanted to be a superhero since I was ten. Maybe even younger, but my memory is a little sporadic when trying to access events that old. I started with Batman, as in the old Adam West-Burt Ward version. Wealth galore, secret identities and all those cool gadgets, who wouldn’t want to don a mask and wear spandex tights? Then I progressed to Spider-man, who I connected with because he was forced to be a loner. Through Peter Parker, I was introduced to Firestar. Hmm...a girl who’s unsure of herself, but hides a feistiness that threatens to explode. That sounded way close to me. So of course she became my new favorite. I recently did an online test at about what Marvel superheroine I was. Guess who popped up? Yep, Angelica Jones AKA Firestar.

And who created these giants among men? Stan Lee, the man who will judge SciFi’s Superhero contestants on numerous characteristics—and crown the Super-winner.

I reflected on an oft repeated quote—“with great power, comes great responsibility”. Would I have had the metal to pull that kind of coup off? If I were Bradley "Rad" Eadoin—my latest hero, I think I could. As an All-American male, he'd grown up with an ideal life that blossomed into a career as a male model. Overcome by fame's richness, he fell from his gentlemanly graces into an abusive lifestyle. But when a mistaken step lands him in Winzles, he becomes a nobody who must fight to stay alive. When he's given the chance to enlist in a group to save others like himself, with urging from the radical mastermind, he decides it's time he redeemed his sins.

So what’s his power? Technically, none. He wasn’t born with a mutation (a natural occurring anomaly that gifts special talents). In fact none of his teammates—the Dragons—were. They’re bio-engineered by a cutting edge doctor, but nonetheless they’re “true” heroes who play Robin Hood with real lives. Rad epitomizes the doctor's best of the best with his natural leadership charisma and super-awesome new ability to morph into liquid metal.

However as Stan Lee says, it’s more about heart than sparkling flair (or being the heroine's oh-la-la bling). And in Rad's case that organ has withered under the duress of life vs. death decisions that have gone bad way too many times. But when Jacqui Valere's path crosses his, he learns love can work miracles simply by the sparks that linger in a kiss. For Rad all is fair in love and war, but occasionally aiming below the belt is legal...if you have the papers to prove your claim.

Even while my pen stroked Rad to life, I never knew how persuasive he could be. That is until he whispered an idea for a twist in my ear while I was half asleep to get his way. Hopefully, you'll all get the chance to read his adventure as a Shomi title. But as we all know things written on paper, don't always find an audience. And wearing a cape, doesn't always make you a superhero. Sometimes it just makes you fashionably chic.

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Lynda K. Scott said...

Oh man, I hope your Rad gets his chance! Sounds terrific!