Thursday, August 03, 2006

Star-Crossed Romance

Star-Crossed Romance

Hi all!

ahhh...Hunks week. And we all love a good hunk! Tall, handsome, dreamy, muscles you could use as speed bumps...*phwoar*! Fanning self*

But there's more to a hunk for me. The hunks in my books have to be more than just good looking and built like a Greek God. The looks are great, but there has to be more to make him a character you, I mean want to get to know better.

And I admit, a hero's character will have the qualities I admire in a man. The characters and traits I look for. What are they?

He must be loyal to his chosen friends and loved ones. Willing to go through the fires of hell for them.

He must have a sense of humour, a keen wit, a roguish twinkle in his eyes.

He must look at the people as a whole, not as a fat person, a skinny person, but as a PERSON. Looks aren't important to him. If his love is big or small, he thinks she's just perfect.

He must be honest...but when the occassion calls for it, he's not above telling a whopper. Ah - ha, you say, a flaw! Hey, why not? A hero can't be perfect all the time! But the whoppers I'm talking about (and for those who don't know my Down Under lingo, I mean a lie), are for the good of others. The little white lie "You look great" when he might think "Good God! I HATE that dress!" Face it, most of us tell the white lie!
But he might lie to save a loved one, or because he knows it's the right thing to do at that time.

A lie the right thing to do? Debatable, you think? Well, I can argue that another time LOL. For this blog, I mean honesty to his lover, but he will do what he must to save her.

But yes, he is also honest. I know, I know, I just said he could tell a lie, but there's telling a lie, and then there's earth shaking lies. Let's be practical here. He is honest to his lover, he doesn't steal...oh, hang on, one of my heroes was a space pirate who stole...but circumstances, you understand? LOL

That's the other thing with heroes - they conform to our story, to their time and place in the universe, so I'm taking the heroes on that, not on anything else. And hey, this is fantasy, not real life...though if I could find a hero like my written ones in real life, I wouldn't leave the bedroom! (Bedroom? Heck, the bathroom, the kitchen, wherever he wanted to take me - oops!...Back on track now, girl...)

He's not vain, or if he is, he knows it and can laugh about it to himself.

Canny. Intelligent (not big-headed). Sure of himself.

Compassion. He MUST have compassion. Again, different heroes don't have that compassion outright. I mean compassion for those he loves. I have a bounty hunter I'm writing about at the moment, and because of who he is and what he's been through, his compassion is only to his friends. Everyone else can go to hell...if he cared enough. But compassion for loved ones is a must.

Kind to animals. Hey! That's a must-have in my books, even if it's never mentioned!

Respect for others who deserve respect.

I don't want my heroes to be suckers. If they're going to be blackmailed, then there had better be a REALLY good reason, not just because he feels sorry for them. And there has to be no way out.

He loves sex with his lover. Hey, admit it, the hero has to be great in the sack (and out of it)! LOL

Even though he might be a bit of a wild child when single, once he marries his love, he becomes a contented family man, but he's still roguish, still a naughty twinkle in the eye - he keeps everything he was when single, but he's a loving and loyal family man once wed.

Once wed, he doesn't change. He doesn't become bored, or feel tied. He respects his love's wants and needs, as she does in return.

There are probably a dozen other things I could list, but I think you get my drift. Some might say a hero like this is impossible, yet we have to remember, this is fanatsy. And I know women who would say their husbands/boyfriends are just like this. Many of us have found our hero already, and some of us haven't. Some may never find their hero.

But that's the beauty of books - we can find a hero and be lost in his charms and admirable traits, and that twinkle in his eyes. For a time, that hero is ours . And there's nothing wrong with that.

Now, off to find a Daamen trader (giant hunks), or an Argon (sexy hunk) or a Felys (hot hunk).



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Lynda K. Scott said...

Great qualities in a hero!

Now if we could get our real life heroes to be the same {g}