Saturday, September 02, 2006

sci-fi/futuristic romance Food musings

well, isn't this just ducky! I'm supposed to be doing a post (and late again - someone smack me with a wet noodle!)...and my mind is everywhere. As usual.

Okay, so this is normal for me LOL.

While cooking tea, I wondered about our food. I wondered what kind of food would be OUT THERE. You know, in our fantasy worlds. I know I for one tend to have them eating the usual food. Meat, fruit, veges. Nothing exotic. No Bhartifnan fruit or Khannfoaerr vegetable, or even a Hiethalkletfoe which isn't any of these. And don't aks me what they are because I don't know - I just made them up right now . But most fantasy/sci-fi/futuristic/paranormal romances have the basic food groups. And drinks. Water, ale, wine. I even have una, a futuristic verison of a good hot cup of coffee. So instead of saying 'want a cuppa coffee?' mine is 'want a cuppa una?'

So what makes us stick to the basic foods for our universes? Is it because we'd have to spend too much time giving details on this new food group we've introduced? Who knows. I mean, think about it, maybe the food OUT THERE is really gross. Bitter. Yucky. Or maybe it's the yummiest stuff in the galaxy!

Maybe it comes in TUBES! *gag* That's a horrible thought - unless it's the sweetened condensed milk, cause I could go for that! mmmmmmmmmmm Love the taste!!!

Unless I'm mistaken, there hasn't been mention of food tubes or food tablets in place of food in most of the romances that are based OUT THERE. You know why? 'Cause I think, if you're like me, you enjoy a darned good meal, and face it, where would we be without the hero getting all hot and excited over the heroine licking peach juice off her lips? Or the heroine tasting like strawberries when he kisses her?

'Cause food can be sexy! It satisfies us on several levels - full tummy, yummy taste, and sexually tantalizing our heroes .



MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott said...

I once read in a 'how to write sci-fi' or heard it on a panel at the World Sci-fi and Fantasy Con (can't remember which now) that you shouldn't make up names for things we have everyday...I don't know why this was said, because I'm thinking...on this planet alone how many words in how many cultures are used to describe the same thing? I thought it was a bit of unuseful information. I totally disregard it and name things what I want to name them anyhow. I do stay close to something recognizable any kind of spud is a tuber, fruit generally has an exotic sound if grown in summer months, a comforting sound if more of a winter fruit. Meat is meat. Hehehehhee... if it's an animal and you can make a steak/chop/burger/roast/whatever than it's the name of the animal and the type of cut. I try not to get too fancy with them because I want my readers to stay with the story and not try and figure out what the hell I'm talking about when my characters sit down to a meal.

However, when I'm a reader, it doesn't matter to me if a writer uses made up words or standard issue. As long as I know what they're talking about, I'm cool.


Lynda K. Scott said...

In Heartstone, the hero Eric offers his heroine a te'pein which is a kind of fruit grown on that planet. I don't see anything wrong with calling it by a different name (unless it's an orange or apple since if you call it an orange/apple people know what it is and you don't have to bother describing it (Kat, I think that was the gist of what that speaker meant) But the te'pein isn't an Earthly food so I do describe it by appearance and taste.

Then there's my current wip-Rider which features a kind of food called a tweenie. It's pretty exotic since no one's been able to identify which phyllum it belongs to and the heroine (because she's dirt poor) drinks a liquid meal called Allinone (All in one? LOL). But give her a chance to eat real food (soup, sandwich, steak, you name it and she'll scarf it down like no one's business.

Skylar Masey said...

I had a huge ball "creating" food for TIES OF VALOR, though most of it is based on normal Earth food with a twist. Zetas represent the multiple varieties of Hot Pockets and pouli which is gloppy green spaghetti. I still remember those afternoons of re-working TIES OF VALOR when I'd mix up a gallon of Strawberry-Kiwi Crystal Light, chug a mouthful and sigh, "Tropi." It always hit the spot, just like when Zara got her first sip.