Thursday, September 28, 2006

To the Moon, Alice! Just not the one you think.

So in real life these days, I'm playing the real estate game, trying to sell my house. We're building a new one with more closet space and a workroom of my own. Our present house has been a little cramped for some time now, what with the addition of rugrats and all. But if you've been listening to the news, real estate's in the toilet.

But what about further afield? Apparently, in terms of real estate in our galactic neighborhood, Europa has the best potential for potential habitability.

I've often fantasized about sending various members of my family to the moon at one time or another. I just thought it would be our moon first. Jupiter's moon, though, has lots and lots of water. It's covered in ice, and the thought is that once you get ten kilometers down, it goes liquid, and the first requirement in any extraterrestrial habitation is the ability to get H2O.

Water is the first and most basic need for humans. Our bodies are 75% water, and we'll die of thirst before we starve to death. And of course, without water, there would be no coffee.

Every time I read one of these articles, I'm continuously amazed at the diversity and the exoticness in our own "backyard." And these little tidbits of potential not only give me hope that someday, humanity as a race will grow up and quit fighting with each other in favor of striving for something better, but they also give me a hella good bunch of ideas for more stories. :D

The universe of my upcoming novella, "Hounded" (in Liquid Silver's "A Witch In Time" Anthology, slated for release in October), takes place in a futuristic Solar system, where our nearest planets have been colonized, and humanity's eyes are turned beyond the asteroid belt. But whither goeth humanity, so goeth humanity's myths, both the Gods and the monsters, and it's up to people like my heroine, Lin Itoh, and her lovers Rex and Max, to run interference. And places like Europa will undoubtedly hold many mysteries beneath the smooth surface.

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