Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I know it's a day early....

But I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Even if you don't celebrate the holiday, I hope you have a wonderful day.

I love Thanksgiving for a lot of reasons, chief among them being any excuse to sit down to an enormous meal and eat without guilt. But I also like that it's the kick off of the holiday season. As busy as we are these days, I still enjoy this time of year. Another reason I love Thanksgiving is Black Friday. Most people probably cringe at that. I'm not one of those people who heads off to the mall at 6:00 AM hunting bargains. In fact, between now and December 26th, I won't go near the mall. The day after Thanksgiving is a free holiday. It's not a federal holiday but most places of business give you the day off - unless you work in retail in which case, my heart goes out to you. Or the medical profession, in which case you're probably also swamped right now.

Those of us in the business world get the day off just because it's a Friday after a holiday and let's face it, who would really show up?

I put my tree up on Black Friday and sometimes I bake cookies or put something cinnamony in the oven to make the place smell Christmassy.

Finally, I love Thanksgiving because I get to be with family that I don't see very often. We sit around and reminisce. I love hearing stories about the old days and family members long gone. It gives me a feeling of being connected and I like that.

So, whatever you do on Thanksgiving, I hope you get some time to slow down and relax, even if its only for a little while. Enjoy!


MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott said...

I'm with you there. I don't go near the mall at all matter the time of year! Especially the holidays.


Skylar Masey said...

My day job is near the local mall, and everyone dreads the crazy traffic! I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping, so I'll be out there for a little bit. Thought I don't know if I'll brave Black Friday.

My bf is in retail, and this year management is making him go in at 5 am. It would be understandable if he worked in a major departments store, or something, but he works in an office store. Hmmm...I don't think I'd be rolling out of bed at 4:30 am to rush off to get a printer, paper and/or ink cartridges. Unless I had a book due:0)

I remember every year at college my sister and I would long for Thanksgiving to arrive so we could go to our grandparents for some scrumptious home cooking. And that still holds true, though some things have canged. My grandfather has passed and the "kids" are grown with jobs that will likely keep them away, but that's how life is. You take every day, and change with the flow because you have to make the best of every situation.

Happy Thanksgiving!