Monday, January 29, 2007

Sad Day

After 8 months, the owners and doctors for the beautiful Barbero decided to euthanize him today.

I don't know how many of you remember this fantastic race horse, the winner of last year's Kentucky Derby or how many of you saw him race. Being a Kentucky girl, I make it a point to watch the Derby every year. I've seen good races and so-so races and though I'm no great judge of speed, I can honestly say that every thoroughbred I've seen is beyond gorgeous. But there was something different about Barbero.

Oh, he was beautiful just as all the other horses were. But when he ran the Derby so effortlessly, when he took the lead as if all the others had decided to pull up, a thrill raced over my skin. Even then, he brought to mind images of Secretariat, Man of War, Kelso...and every fictional horse I'd ever read about. It nearly broke my heart to hear he'd broken his leg during the Preakness and I was glad to hear that his owners were making every effort to save his life.

But there comes a time when the rough decisions must be made and when I saw the news today, I could tell they were all heartbroken to lose this great horse. So are all of us who love animals and horses in particular.

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SkylarMasey said...

I know there were a lot of hearts broken yesterday when this sad news appeared as the top story everywhere. I teared up myself. I truly believed he had outrun Death eventhough problems lingered.

Since Barbaro's accident, I had the horror of watching an even worse equine accident happen in front of my eyes. I will never forget that night.

Eventhough I am usually stubborn and hold out until the end, there is no way a horse lover cannot admit defeat. When these beautiful animals must live day-in and day-out with pain, sometimes a peaceful rest is the kindest reward.

Though I do wonder if his owners used modern science to continue his legacy.