Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm back!

Oh man, I missed my last entry or two because of visitors (love 'em, God bless the pair) and because I'm tech challenged and couldn't get on the blogger, even when the others tried to help me! And it's taken me a half hour to get here!


Soooo....anyway, here I am.

Valentine's Day is tomorrow. I wonder about Valentine's Day. Is it the only time of the year when it's acceptable for a man and woman to prclaim their love? To send cards? No. Anniversaries have the same thing. So what makes Valentine's Day so different?

I think it's because there's the mystery of the Secret Admirer. The card and flowers from "Your Secret Admirer". I mean, how exciting, or scary, depending on your POV . That being able to send someone you like a card or flowers or something and they don't know who you are. Or you don't know who they are.

It's titillating. Admit it. I'd be stoked if I got flowers and a card from a secret admirer. The Only thing I get at the moment is a bill! Not Bill, but bill. *sigh*

LOL. But you know what touches me the most? When I see an elderly couple walking hand in hand down the street or out for a walk. Holding hands, showing that their love has endured the years and what life has thrown at them. For a split second I can see the young couple, so freshly in love, hope for the future, a little scared maybe...and then the years have passed and they're still together, having endured and come through it. And still holding hands, as much in love today as they were years ago.

Now that's romantic.



Skylar Masey said...

You can tell I find older couple's fascinating as well by this snippet from my contemporary PERFECTION NOT REQUIRED:
The grey haired couple smiled like they were newlyweds, eternally blissful as they shared a plate of oysters. Dara couldn’t recall any time when a man had fed her. “That’s what I want,” Dara admitted.

I think it's encouraging to see that couples can still last for the long haul, in this age of divorce and seperation. And like the heroine from this ms, I am a child touched by the intricacies of divorce. So I think the little glimpses you catch of couples makes people like me believe long-time love can still happen.

Lynda K. Scott said...

How true, Angela and Skylar! To be able to see an enduring love is just a bit breath-taking, isn't it?