Thursday, March 29, 2007

Siren's Call ~ Out Now!

Here's my new futuristic romance, out now at New Concepts Publishing.

United Alliance starships have been sent to evacuate the population of the ocean world, Zalaban, in an attempt to save them from total annihilation by the Loreto Asteroid.

Drawn by the siren's call of the beautiful Alarija, Captain Gerano Lasalle learns she has been left behind as a sacrifice to the Sacred Eye. But he is determined to save the woman he has already joined with in his mind...


He’s here! Wake up!

Alarija woke, her eyes snapping open in terror as the voice shouted inside her head. Heart pounding, she sat up and looked about her darkened chamber for Marsalir, her bodyguard. In the last weeks he’d slept on a mattress just outside her room and she’d been able to see the outline of his form in the candlelight, a soothing presence. But now the doorway leading to the corridor was dark, the candle-holders unlit and unattended. She remembered that he’d gone the day before, evacuated with the last of the Council in the last shuttle leaving for the Universal Alliance starship. He’d protested all the way, but he’d gone and left her all the same.

She expelled her caught breath and thought about the voice that had woken her. It hadn’t been the usual whispering from The Master. It was distinct and different, a woman’s voice. It may have been Tal’an, the Goddess, only the voice was more familiar than that. For a moment Alarija wondered if it had been a futurecast, a warning from her future self to her present self.
But a futurecast was impossible. For her, there was no future.

Pink fingers of light from the encroaching dawn began to filter into the room. Unable to return to sleep, Alarija rose from her bed and padded across the white marble floors and through the open wood-carved doors to the terrace outside. She leaned her hands on the balustrade and took a deep breath of the crisp morning air. A light breeze lifted her dark hair, drying the sweat at the back of her neck, blowing caressingly over her naked body. She shivered as her nipples sprang to attention.

Attention was what they longed for, Alarija thought as she brushed her hand over the hard nubs. Although Marsalir had been gone a day, she thought about him constantly. He had been her bodyguard and had been chosen to protect her, to serve her. He’d done that--and more.

A stabbing heat still sprang between her thighs at the mere thought of his hot tongue between them. How well they’d kept it hidden from The Elders. Marsalir had been considered safe, literally unable to de-flower her, because of the ritual removal of his manhood. They’d never thought of the eunuch’s other attributes and his willingness to use them for her exclusive pleasure.

She closed her eyes and imagined Marsalir’s tongue on her breasts the last time they had been together. It had been here, on this terrace, overlooking the vast ocean of Zalaban. It had been high tide and waves of warm water had leaked through the balustrade and washed over the marble floors, swirling around their ankles.


Skylar Masey said...

I'm jealous of your cover!
After skimming the excerpt, and having a few erotic words pop out, I'm sorry to say I couldn't read the excerpt since I'm at the office. Drat! :0) But from the tantalizzing blurb, SIRENS CALLS has a fabulous premise for romance and adventure! I wish you lots of downloads!

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Great concept, Cassandra! Good luck with it!

Cassandra Kane said...

Thanks all! I didn't know how hot I could go on the blog, but there wasn't too much in the story that wasn' safe. LOL

Lynda K. Scott said...

Wow! This sounds fantastic! Definitely gonna have to put this one on my tbb list!