Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Random Page from BELIEVE IN ME

I started this post at 8:52 a.m., and since the manuscript doesn’t have 852 pages, I’m posting page 85 from BELIEVE IN ME.

Go-to-girl Jacqui Valere decided to break her daily routine by testing a hunch about her friend's model-of-the-month. Bradley Eadoin's hiatus had expired, so he nixed her intrusive questions with a tour of his duty—saving innocents from extermination. But his mistake in identity catapulted her into a war-torn city where she embodies the Mayor's sought-after energy source. With her life next on the chopping block, Jacqui must enlist with the super-savior and wax heroic to topple the maniac dictator or die trying.

Can she safeguard her heart, while witnessing her partner's unselfish atonements for his sins?

Background to the Excerpt:
Jacqui and the Cadmus Dragons are trying to rescue innocent NoVice’s, but the plan is botched when Varick jimmies the local chain-gang’s mood-altering device. Instead of having the Carcerates and SPUDS (local P.D.) fight it out, innocent Winzlians have been attacked.

The Carcerate changed course. His free hand clenched over the old man’s face, then used the bone-jarring grip’s leverage to shove him back with extreme force. His white head bounced like an errant basketball off the bench, the heavy thump sickening as he hunched over lifeless.

His wife screamed as if her heart had been ripped from her chest. Her fingers clawed the air futilely to get to him. Sweaty Guy jerked her back roughly. Blood trickled down her forehead and he cackled with insane glee.

“Drake, let one fly!” Rad yelled, his arm like a directional arrow pointing out the target.

With a dagger already in hand for a poor SPUD soul, he pivoted mid-throw to flip the electric dagger end over end into the zombie’s belly.

Not phased one lick by the stunner-shot, the white-clad prisoner roared, enraged two fold. He dropped the woman like a sack of potatoes, then stepped over her sobbing form, on a direct path toward him.

Drake rattled off a dozen darts, the impact point the same.

He kept coming as if the sizzling, flesh-searing hits smarted equal to miniscule bee stingers that might’ve barbed his skin.

A scream encored the masterful demonstration as Drake fell, blood spurting like a cannon-shell had ripped into him.

“Jacqui, get him down below.”

Why did she have to save his hide? Finishing off a half-conscious guard didn’t compare to sprinting in while the team sent up a blitzkrieg for cover. But orders were orders. No matter how heartily she grumbled.

One of Kaida’s discs flew past. A gasey residue and the faint streaking whistle of a falling firecracker her only heads up. Half the SPUDs front line fell under the lone shot. Via Kaida’s power turned vehement, Drake’s ambient energy had taken down his assassin. Good girl.

Her heart rumbled as if it might burst a vessel, wind sprinting to match her race toward certain death. She executed a baseball slide in beside Drake’s prone form. His eyelids flickered, his colorless eyes snapping over to see who’d been sent as rescue. With a grunt, his eyeballs rolled back like he was a goner. His chest fluttered, the rise and fall faint. His breathing appeared shallow, but existent. She jerked his arm up, wrenching a scream from his whitened lips.

The ugly wound poured blood in a steady trickle down his hunter-orange sleeve. She had to stem it or he’d die on the spot. Jacqui grabbed the hem of her shirt, then stalled. He’d kill her.
It had to be done. She jabbed her thumb in the thin cotton, then tore backwards with all the cutting action her nails would afford. A two-inch section ripped raggedly, leaving her belly unabashedly bare.

“No,” Drake’s protested, the volume level less than two, but utterly insistent. A tear streamed from his wide eyes. His lips snarled, like a vicious pitbull ready to strike its abuser. In his condition it constituted more bluster than bite.
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Lynda K. Scott said...

Intriguing story, Skylar, and I love the mock cover for this. I'll keep my fingers crossed the agent loves it!

Skylar Masey said...

I'm hoping to hear back from her (the agent) soon. She's had it since last August, though the agency was closed for the holidays.

This is also the book I sent in to Kate Seaver at Berkley. I was one of the raffle winners for a crit by her, since she got snowed in in NY and couldn't make it to the Georgia Romance Writers Luncehon. :0)

I entered BELIEVE IN ME in the Romance Junkies contest and it got the most votes out of the 4 titles I submitted. LOVEMAKER was second. Though neither placed high enough to final.

Cassandra Kane said...

Ditto what Lynda said. :-) Fingers crossed!