Friday, May 11, 2007

My Mum - a Mothers Day tribute

It's Mothers day Down Under on Sunday the 13th of May. I'm not sure if Mothers Day falls on the same day in other parts of the world, but here...well, it's this Sunday. And I want to take the opportunity to thank my Mum from the bottom of my heart.

Mum, you were always there for me
You read my stories when I was a kid
Encouraged me to be anything I wanted
Laughed and cried with me as experiences came and went.
You saw me through my first jobs
My frustrations, my lack of confidence
You nurtured my thirst for books
You never told me I wasted money on them
We went through so much together
My disappointments as I entered the world of writing
My excitement when my books were published
As I entered the world of grown-ups
Even my Christian walk in life
The breeding of pedigree cats
The heartbreak when the kittens went to new homes
You nursed abandoned and orhpahned kittens with me
Through the long nights and days we bottle fed
We cried together when we lost the sicker ones
We laughed and burst with joy with each furbaby that thrived and lived
And we still cried when they went to new homes!
Through all the ups and downs you have been with me.
We held each other up through Dad's long illness
You were there alone when he died, you phoned me, I drove straight home
But you handled the ambulance alone
Doing so much better than I thought you would
My heart broke for you when the funeral directors came
And I had to ask them to let you say a final goodbye,
You didn't know they were taking him right then
You insisted on doing the phoning of everyone yourself
Together we organized everything
And we saw each other through it all, and the hard months to follow
We put our lives back together
And now, years later, you are still with me
People ask how we live together
I laugh and say we get on fine - most of the time *wink*
You, me, the cats, the dogs, my books and work and writing
You're there with me through everything
Without you I could not have done all those things I have done
We've laughed
We've cried
We've held each other up
I don't mind admitting to people that when I'm away from home for too long
I miss you, I miss the cats and dogs - I miss being home.
Mothers and daughters have such a special bond
And I'm so glad you're my Mum.

*hugs & kisses always*

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Lynda K. Scott said...

Angela, your mum sounds like a good friend as well as a good mum. There's a special relationship between a mom and a daughter, isn't there?