Friday, May 25, 2007

Playing Dress Up for the Party!

I can completely agree about the nubby fingernails Lynda, but that's what press-ons are for. And my favorite salon does a faubulous faux French tip. I'd have gone French all the way by getting a Twist up do, but I'm more of a tousled mane kind of girl. (Maybe because I got an inside tip that Gwynan and Zara would be working a down-do.)

And now to showcase the "frock" I'll be all dolled up in.

Isn't it fabulous! My favorite color, a little sparkly, and figure flattering since my tummy isn't as flat as this model's! But yes, that could be my cleavage about to spill out. God did grant me with a few other assets besides writing talent. Though I shall have to practice my come-hither look.

Oh, a new mesage from Kendron just popped up. Hmm...seems Gwynan isn't too happy from the picture he snapped.

The Ancient Ones dabbled with her wardrobe and exchanged her cocktail dress for this jumper. I can see her shaking her fist at them, can't you? As if she needed more to worry about, including the fact that they're watching and waiting to stir up trouble...again. But really, I don't think this look is all that bad for a sweet, country girl like Gwynan. And if she snitches Kendron's to-die-for cloak, she'll make a fabulous entrance if she pairs the pieces with a killer set of clogs.

Another header in my Inbox also tells me Zara decided to go a different route. Seems a little bird told her there were several attendees coming in pantsuits so she opted for this and sent me a preview pic.

I just hope she doesn't find out I leaked it! Wow, she really is sexy when she isn't kickin' butt, and yes that is fair warning for all you party-goers. She's ex-Sartin security force (remember me thinking about that), and can take down a bull of a man with her little finger. Though it seems she's having trouble browbeating Awyn into changing his mind about donning his black armor. I totally agree it isn't the most stellar choice, but the man is drop dead sexy. As long as he's in attendance, I'm happy.

Whew! Now I need a drink...but not a Star-Crossed alcoholic one yet. It's still too early to tie anything on! Especially that heavy, empress style necklace I picked up on sale for half price.

*I raise my OJ without a kick to all of you*
Here's to glitter, giggles and a whole bevy of glamourous antendees who'll be beaming/flying/materializing in shortly.

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Lynda K. Scott said...

Fabulous dress, Skylar! You're going to be a knockout!

LOL, I can see why Gwynan isn't too happy with that picture. Men have such a weird sense of humor :D

Zara's choice is lovely too. With all these gorgeous women around, we'd better keep our eyes on the men! I know Liane and Keriam can be pretty fierce when their territory is threatened. And we don't even want to see Tara and Zie get their dander up :D