Friday, May 25, 2007

We Finally Made It!

Why am I always the one who gets the driver who picks the hover-limo that going to blow a coolant hose in the middle of traffic leaving us stranded until help arrives? Dare I mention again that whenever I plan anything down to the last minute, something always goes wrong to screw up my plans?

My dress is crinkled, my hair is less than springing, but hey I'm here. *deep breaths in and out* Woosa. I just have to thank my lucky stars I handed over the placecards to Jennifer to lay out. And of course to the rest of the ladies for taking up my slack...sorry gals! But I could so use a drink right now, and the guys could use a cooling down after pushing the stretch hover-limo.

"Are you not going to announce us?" Awyn whispers into my ear.
Zara checks him with an elbow to his belly. (Didn't I tell you she was dangerous?) "Skylar's been through a trauma. Can't you make due without a grand entrance?"
"It's okay. You two are the reason I'm got to join the blog anyway." I clear my throat. "Everyone, I'd like to welcome Prince Awyn Shandar of Aquilar and his princess, Zara Dior Shandar, formerly of Sartin."
Ever the showgirl, Zara tacks on a smile as all eyes turn to them. "Come darling, we really need to hose you down. Didn't I tell you to ditch the armor?"
"How was I to know I would have to rescue you?"
"I think that was the triple A-team, dear. With a little help from Kendron's spell." Tucking her arm through his, she leads him away to the smörgåsbord of a buffet table. "We need to stuff something in that black hole of yours."
"Oh, Skylar." Gwynan grabs my arm to stall my 'arrival' and lifts her hand toward my cheek. "You've got a smudge of grease right there."
I look down at my sparkley dress, thankfully not finding anymore spots from trying to play white knight though I don't know diddley about flying autos. "Thanks Gwyn." In the mood to return the gesture, I untie Kendron's holographic cloak and resettle it over Gwynan's shoulders. "Trust me Kendron, she's going to need this worse than you down here. And I did kind of make the promise for you this morning."
When she shivers, Kendron gets my drift. He takes both our hands, kisses the back once apiece, and leads us into the festivities. "What need have I for a cloak when I have two gorgeous ladies on my arms?"
Giggles abound from both of us, then get whisked away when I finally see Star-Crossed's gala event.

Everything is breathtaking, literally. I mean, I saw the planning picture, but this...takes the cake. Everywhere I turn there are people smiling, chatting (not about writing), and some brave souls have even moseyed out to the dance floor. Is that Lynda? I wave, but I don't think she sees me because of the mood lighting. I'm not even game for a two-step at the moment, but soon...very soon. Right now my stomach is calling for food and my parched throat wants to be doused with water. Champagne would be nice, but I already have enough of a headache. But it's easing off thanks to the aspirin I had stashed in my purse.

Always be prepared for emergencies, that's one of my mottoes. Let's just hope we won't need anymore meds/life saving skills tonight.

"Yes, Skylar." She leans in closer, trying to hear over the crowd.
"Would you two mind helping me give out the favors? I'd intended to hand them out at the door, but know."
"Sure." Gwynan and Kendron turned, their palms outstretched as I pull a pouch from my silver baggette purse. "What are they?"
I dump out the contents, then take a third for myself. Holding my cupped hand to my mouth, I blow gently across the white shapes. Gwynan and Kendron follow suit, then hold out their cupped hands to find twinkling stars waking from slumber.

"Baby stars," I breathe, in awe myself. The brochure said they'd be magnificent, but I never imagined this.
"Are there any instructions?" Kendron asked.
"Simply to love them." I smile up at the pair, "Let's go spread the love."


Lynda K. Scott said...

Hey, Skylar, glad to see you made it even with your transportation problems and you look fabulous, dahling, simply fabulous :D Love those baby stars! What a fitting tribute to Star-Crossed Romance.

Skylar Masey said...

Thanks Lynda! I wanted something special to sparkle like our successes this year. And if everyone takes away a little piece of the fun, hopefully they'll reflect back on what a great time they had spending time with us. Which means return visits throughout the year:0)

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Darn those hover limos! Glad you made it, Skylar, we were beginning to worry.