Thursday, August 23, 2007

Let's Hear It For Sci-Fi and Fantasy Artists

For years I've had a love affair with book covers painted by Michael Whelan. There's just something about his work that can so transport me to the places in the books he contracted to paint covers for. It's wonderful to be able to look at those beautiful paintings and have the worlds the author's built solidify in your mind. If you want to see some gorgeous artwork, pop his name into a Google search and sit back and enjoy. I honestly can't decide which of his paintings I like the most.

Several years ago, (2001 to be exact), Dave and I attended the World Fantasy and Sci-Fi Con in Philly. In the art exhibit, originals of Michael Whelan's work hung on the walls. I thought I was going to have heart failure. And the canvases were huge. HUGE! I couldn't believe how big they were. One I know had to be six foot across. I just stood there and stared with mouth agape. You'd expect Dave to be doing that since he's the artist. But for me...seeing the original paintings to books I've read was like...I don't know...meeting a movie star or something. Unfortunately every time we went by the the little table where he should have been sitting...the chair was empty so I couldn't meet him in person. - Probably a good thing. Hehehhehee

At that same show was an artist named Tom Kidd. Now, I don't really know if Kidd was there in person, or just a someone selling promotional items for him. But his work is kind of left-of center, but rendered in what looks like water colors, but is probably oils...(considering on his website, he says that he works in layers upon layers. Usually something people who work in oils do.)

Every issue, RoF magazine does an article on a fantasy/sci-fi artist. This is perhaps one of my favorite columns in that periodical. They really go in-depth with the artist covered on motivations, mediums and inspirations. It's wonderful to read the stories of how these talented men and women came about their profession. I've always been amazed and awed by people who can bring life to canvas and colors. Since I cannot draw even a convincing stick figure, I think anyone who can visually transport me to another place and time deserves high praise.

There are others who I admire and would love to add here, but alas...I have to go get ready for work. (Reality crashes back down upon my head.)

Who are some of your favorite cover artists? And who would make you pass out if you ever found out they were commissioned to do one for you?


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Skylar Masey said...


You sound like you love covers as much as me! Lol! I have always enjoyed Whelan's art as well as that of Boris Vallejo. However it was my love for Elaine Duillo's work that prompted me to become an art student. :0)

And BTW, I got this neato little keychain picture viewer or Christmas. It has my book covers, some freinds covers and a couple of pics by Whelan:0)