Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Two of Me

I’ve been asked by a fellow author about the differences in my two personas and I thought that might make a good blog topic.

Let me introduce you to Jennifer Colgan and Bernadette Gardner.

Jennifer has been writing forever. She began in 1977 writing YA science fiction that quickly morphed into fan fiction. That kept her entertained for many years, but the dream of being a full-time working novelist lingered and eclipsed any other possible career choice. Jennifer feared rejection though, so for too many years she only wrote stories that didn’t have a chance of publication. Finally in 2003 she decided that life was too short to spend the rest of it daydreaming about getting published. She started a science fiction romance novel entitled Flight of the Valkyrie and in 2004 she sent it out to publishers. While waiting to hear feedback on her first submission, Jennifer frequented a critique group where another author suggested, after reading a rough draft of the love scene in Flight of the Valkyrie, that Jennifer try her hand at erotic romance.

Hunter’s Moon was written long hand in a notebook during #1 Son’s soccer practices and when it miraculously found a home at New Concepts Publishing in the last moments of December 2004, Jennifer decided she needed a pen name.

Bernadette Gardner began writing before she was born. She put her name on Hunter’s Moon and stepped fully formed into the role of Alien Queen of Science Fiction Erotica.

Not bound by social convention, Bernadette’s stories explore what she believes are the naughty fantasies of female science fiction fans everywhere. She recognizes that girls like spaceships too, and women have just as much desire to explore strange new worlds as men do. She likes there to be science in her fiction, and sex on the minds of hunky alien males.

Two years after Jennifer’s first sale to New Concepts Publishing and Bernadette’s first erotic novella release, Jennifer has decided to concentrate on sensual paranormal romance. Though Flight of the Valkyrie eventually found a home at NCP, and her third full length novel, Ravenstar’s Bride garnered 4½ stars from Romantic Times Magazine, she sees her future in vampires, Fae, demons and gargoyles. Bernadette, meanwhile is knee deep in the mire of alien worlds and is thrilled to be turning out sizzlers for Ellora’s Cave and Amber Quill Press. She has dozens of planets to explore and has been busy all summer working on new novellas for release in 2008.

Jennifer and Bernadette often work side by side, and one day, they may even write a story together, ala Nora Roberts and JD Robb, but for now, they intend to remain two hopefully distinct voices in the romance world.

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