Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Here in the U.S., Thanksgiving was first celebrated in early colonial times by the Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock and their new Native American friends. The actual origin, though, probably has its origins in the harvest festivals celebrated by various cultures since the dawn of the agricultural age. No matter the culture, the idea behind the holiday is to celebrate and give thanks for a bountiful season. I'm sure many of us, regardless of where we live or how we celebrate, have many things to be thankful for in our daily lives. I, myself, am thankful for many things and I thought I'd mention a few of them here.

I'm thankful we found a new vet for our furbabies. Our old vets retired after many long years of service to the furred and feathered members of our family. Their replacements, while skilled, didn't seem to have the same...connection. In fact, they and most of the new staff at the clinic were afraid of our Zuzu (who in theory is a scary looking beastie but who in reality is more a scared cat). This made taking Zuzu in for routine health care a trial for all of us so when our daughter suggested a new vet, we took the chance. These new vets see Zuzu as more of a big marshmallow than a 'devil dog'. And while they probably won't top Zuzu's list of favorite people, she likes them a lot more than the vets we had been seeing. These new vets just performed surgery on Zuzu who had a small tumor growing on her upper eyelid. The surgery went fine, the growth is benign, and Zuzu is doing well. Side note: Wookie hates all vets evenly, LOL, and her plaintive 'No' when we take her for check ups hasn't changed at all.

I'm also thankful for having good doctors. This year, in a routine spinal x-ray, my chiropractor saw a calcification on my thyroid. Now obviously she couldn't treat that but she did recommend that I see my regular doctor about it. My doctor has been treating me for a variety of ailments for over 15 years and, at first, discounted my chiropractor's diagnosis (there's just no love lost between medical doctors and chiropractors) but he gave me a number of tests regardless and confirmed there was something amiss with my thyroid. At that point, he sent me to an endocrinologist (one of the best in the area) who confirmed that I had a growth on my thyroid. A slick little biopsy done in his office combined with blood work ruled out cancer but confirmed that I have Hashimoto's disease which is easily treatable. The nodule that started the scare has gone down and, while I still have to take the med's to treat it, I don't have to see the endocrinologist again for a year.

I'm thankful for having a job (even though I'd love to retire to full time writing! LOL) that I enjoy. While the stress can sometimes be a bit much, the job is also a challenge and that's something I like. There's an opportunity to learn (technology changes so rapidly!) and my supervisors respect my skills and expertise. That's something that seems to be rapidly vanishing in our economy today. In my state's economy, good jobs are very hard to find. While I'd certainly like to earn more money, I'm thankful for having a good job.

I mentioned Wookie earlier and I'm sure I've mentioned how she came to live with me. To do a brief recap, one of the guards at work found her on the grounds when she was a bare three weeks old. We have feral cats that live in the wooded areas there and my theory is that her mother was transporting her from one nest to another when she was startled by either the guard or perhaps one of our ground crews. At any rate, the guard, wearing this heavy duty rubber glove, toted this tiny, squalling little kitten into the office next to mine. My maternal instincts kicked into high gear and I ended up taking her home with every intention to find one of the rescue operations that specialize in cats. But Wookie wormed her way into my heart and now she's a permanent member of my family. I may have saved her life by taking her home but she's more than repaid that by her love and companionship.

Then there are my friends. I've a very good friend I met in the freshman year of high school. We still see each other even though we live on opposite sides of town. And I have good friends who've moved to other states that I'm still in contact with. Then there's my online family of friends who I've 'met' because I write. The ladies of Star-Crossed Romance fall into this category and so do many of my other writer friends.

I could go on and on about the things I'm thankful for but I think I'll end by mentioning my family. I'm thankful for having a beautiful, intelligent daughter and a loving husband (even if I sometimes go entirely speechless by his inability to find something that's Right In Front of him, LOL). Without them, my life would not be as rich and full as it is.

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So while we, in this day and age, no longer celebrate a bountiful harvest so to speak, we can celebrate the things that are important to us. Health, friends, family... these are the things that make a life worth living.

-- Lynda


Skylar Masey said...


Fab post! I know exactly what you mean about no love lost between chiropractors and doctors. Though I am glad the specialist was able to give you a diagnosis.

And I can lift up my own story of kitties. We took in a female who we guessed was 3, when my bf's sister said she'd been thrown out into the wilds by their trailer. It seems her original owner had just had a little of Rotty pups and had given her the cold shoulder. So my bf decided we'd take her in. I love Mana, but we had no idea she was pregnant. (I'd never had a cat before.) Well out popped 5 little ones a few months down the road. We managed to find homes for three, but we still have two. And as you can tell Puff & Tabby have a special place in my heart, and Mana is a character.

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. :0)

Lynda K. Scott said...

I just can't understand people who abandon their pets like that. If you can't care for them, at least take them to a shelter where they might find a new home and won't suffer hunger or cold or loneliness.

So kudo's to you and your bf for taking that kitty in. The world needs more people like you!