Thursday, November 15, 2007

Spacing Out

It's been a while since I've done a space or science post around here, so today seems like a good day, especially as the cold front has finally moved in and I'm experiencing the last vestiges of a lovely head-cold to celebrate it.

There's this comet zipping through our solar system, and it's now bigger than THE SUN. I had no idea about this (I haven't been looking through my newsfeeds that much lately), but this is freakin' cool. Our universe is just so...interesting. You know, much more interesting than all the other boring universes out there... ;)

I love writing SF and I love writing paranormal, and some of the most interesting thoughts I've had regarding potential plots have revolved around what happens when science and superstition intersect. Throughout our history, the boogey men, the scary monsters, have all eventually come to have scientific (observable) explanations attached to them. Lycanthropy, vampirism, etc. The monsters have become metaphors as we grow in our understanding of the world around us.

But one thing I've never really believed is why the paranormal couldn't exist right alongside the normal. So much so in recent years that I've taken to not using the term "supernatural" because it just isn't accurate. If vampires do exist, they aren't supernatural--they are part of the natural world that we simply have not been aware of and don't yet understand. Science is magic to me, and magic simply a science of which we don't yet know all the governing rules.

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