Thursday, November 15, 2007

Voraciously Yours

Hmmmmm....sounds more like the title of an erotic novel than it does a blog entry, but, oh well.

Do you ever get on a tear where you read every book you can get your hands on in a certain genre? I do. Right now, I can't help myself and have been devouring Regency and Victorian novels. To me there is something so comforting about a good Regency. I don't know what it is for me that touches my heart so. I think it might be the fact I view these as the very essences of romances. The first romance I ever read was The Ruthless Rake by Dame Barbara Cartland. The story has faded from memory, the characters gone and forgotten, but yet the title and time period stayed with me all these years. Lord, I was so young when I read it, I didn't even know what a rake was—other than a garden tool I was forced to use every fall to clear the leaves in our yard. I remember the dresses and the ballrooms and how very shiny and glamorous it all seemed.

Of course as I grew up and learned more about history and how things were not all beautifully rendered as they were in novels, I continued to love novels set in the period. And I'm unrependent in my love of a good Regency. There's just something about a man in those tight riding britches and boots that gets my blood pumping hot. Or maybe it's the fact the "gentlemen" of the ton always had a code of honor. Whether imposed on them by society mores of the time, or their own personal honor, it didn't matter. If a man kissed a woman—much less did the down and dirty—he felt obligated to marry her. Generally, this also involves falling head over heels in love with her after the wedding night. It's escapism as its finest.

I know there are paranormals out there with Regency and Victorian time periods. I don't recall reading any of those myself (send me the titles of some good ones and I'll read 'em.) but to me it's an amalgamation of two of my favorite genres. We all know how much I love to mix genres!!! It's one of my favorite things. So here goes....

Most of the time fantasy novels are set in medieval time periods, but wouldn't one set in a Victorian setting be fun? Magic and mayhem set against the strict moral framework of a Victorianesque society. What about one set on another planet were technology is advanced, but the culture is very bound in tradition? (I haven't read Dune, but I seem to remember from what little I know if it, that it has this kind of feel to it. Correct me if I'm wrong.)

So, even though I don't write Regency or Victorian novels myself, that's not saying all this reading isn't going to pay off for me one day with a paranormal, fantasy or sci-fi dressed in the costumes and conventions of England's bygone eras.


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Xandra Gregory said...

I haven't read Dune in years (although I have to again) but it does have that tone. So does Star Wars, to a certain extent.

I totally dig on the space-medieval/space-Regency. In fact, my Great Big Wad o' WIP is something to that tune - the technology is far advanced, but the culture has that kind of high-ritualistic feel with a firm framework (at least for the noble class).

You might try googling on the term "steampunk" and see if that tickles your fancy. ;)