Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Writer's Way

Hmmm...I thought I'd give my thoughts on the writing process - or should I say how I do it? LOL

I get most of my ideas while driving, believe it or not, or when I'm in the shower. They are two of the best ways to help me when I've written myself into a corner as well.

I'm a plotter. I have a rough outline of the story, about a page or a half a page, and this keeps me focused. Of course, I can and do change anything I like, change the plot, the characters, add and take things, but the main outline keeps me focused, otherwiseI end up all over the place. So saying, my current WIP has gone further south than the plot line indicated, but hey, it's working, so I'm not complaining! LOL

Music is a must for me. I always have the radio on, or music from the computer. I even studied with music. I can't imagine writing in silence. Then again, I also need to be in my little room with no one else in it - except the cats, of course . It's my writing haven.

I have my pics on the walls, jokes, bits and pieces and a lot of dust. We won't dwell on the dust, all right? I live in a dusty town and it drives me nuts!

My writing room has book catalogues and things teetering on the edge of the desk and a few post-it notes stuck up on the top of the desk hutch - so I can forget to do it all anyway.

The best time for writing in my opinion? It has to be from about 10pm to about 4am on a summer's nights, when it's dark, the night birds are singing outside, it's warm, and no one else is up, and music is playing so only I can hear it. It's perfect. My emotions tend to have free reign then, don't ask me why! But I don't always have a choice when I write, especially when I'm working nights, so I write anytime of the day or night that I can.

And as I live through my characters when I write, I do feel everything they're feeling. I've even cried while writing a sad scene, laughed, name it, if my character is feeling it, so am I!

Oddly enough, I can't join the groups who do so many words a week or month. I feel constricted. I need to write when and how I want to. How weird is that? Some authors benefit heaps from joining groups with writing deadlines. I have deadlines, but I meet them my way. I admire those authors who can have deadlines with other authors and meet them together. Maybe one day...

Nah, who am I kidding? I'm a lone flyer!!! LOL


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