Friday, January 25, 2008


I’m a big sports fan (and have been devouring coverage of the Australian Open) but when it came time to talk about sports my heroes played I came up blank. (Well except for my contemporary which co-stars an ex-NFL player.)

I think the reason my guys don’t play sports is because they’re either wooing the heroine (or keeping her out of trouble) or doing their job. The closest thing I could come up with to a sport for Awyn from TIES OF VALOR was programmed practice in something akin to Star Trek’s Holo chamber. Or if a programmed foe wouldn’t do, he always had men from his garrison to wrestle of cross swords with. I guess in some way that is sport, because if you beat everyone you get bragging rights.

And then there’s anti-social Kendron from JUST ONE LIFE, who can’t play with anyone for fear of putting them in arms way. When I wanted him to have alone time, but still be active (because as Nora says you can’t have your characters standing still) I came up with the idea to use martial arts. (Think Duncan MacLeod from Season 4 of Highlander when he’s thinking in the dojo. I actually wrote the scene after watching the end of the intro over and over to describe the movements.) Though I know martial arts is a sport, how can you really keep score when you’re not fighting anyone?

Now if woman chasing was a sport all my guys would be on the roster. All of my guys are skilled at that activity. But I’d have to say Ravin from ALL I EVER WANTED would take the gold for that sport, since he can’t go anywhere without women tossing themselves at him. As for going the long haul in that event, I’d have to say Samson from CRASH INTO YOU. Chasing a ghost of a woman for a thousand years does seem like a record-breaking feat.

This whole sitch makes me think…I need to incorporate more sports into my writing! Which means studying hero types in action…hmmm, Andy Roddick (tennis player) as a rim-riding cosmic gunslinger. Taking it one step farther…HHH (from WWE) as a futuristic alien Conan who slices and dices with light sabers instead of steel. (Both can already do the day-to-day grunt work.) I think there’s promise there.


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Lynda K. Scott said...

There are a lot of qualities, both physical, mental and emotional, in a sports hero that could be incorporated into a romance hero, that's for sure. I like the idea of a rim-riding cosmic gunslinger...that really invokes an image, doesn't it?

Skylar Masey said...

It's one of the characters I have tumbling around in my grey matter, that wants to come out and play. (I used to love westerns (not the romance kind). Why not mix my two loves. Unfortunately at present a few other characters are louder. :0)