Friday, March 07, 2008

A Few Tips On Writing That I Use

So many here have already written about characters, and I reckon in the past I've warbled on enough about what I like to see in my characters, and how I create them. Basically they start as a visual picture brought on by a song or an event, and I build them from there.

When I start a story, I always have a brief description of the hero, heroine, villain and other minor characters. I add onto this list as people come and go, depending on how important they are to a story. But as my story builds and grows, so do my characters, and they often come up with little things peculiar to them that I didn't plan originally.

But my main problem is when I'm tired and would rather curl up with a book or watch TV than write. Yes, horrors! But it does happen , especially if I've had some heavy nights at work. It takes discipline to rev up the ol' computer then.

So this is where I've found my little 'rituals' to be helpful. I get up, shower and search for the cats, and spend a few minutes with them. (they could be anywhere in the house or cattery). Then I wander to the 'fridge and pull out a Diet Coke...I tell you, that first sparkling taste helps revive me.

Next I rev up the computer and turn on the local radio station, which plays basic pop/country/rock'n'roll/ etc, but not rap or heavy metal. Nothing against rap or heavy metal, it's cool if you like it , I've just never been a rap or heavy metal girl.

I've had to discipline myself to only doing the internet 3 times a week (or I try, but just lately, this week especially, there has been things that couldn't wait), otherwise my writing time vanishes because I'm emailing and on the internet.

During writing, when I get a bit brain dead or just need a few minutes break, I often pull up the solitaire or hangman's game, and spend a few minutes playing that. It seems to revive me. Of course, as most people know, my other fav method of reviving myself is to wander inside and annoy my mother and smooch the cats, then wander back out to my writing room and continue writing. LOL

Another tip I can offer, especially if you're writing series books, is to keep a time line and a list of characters, places (in my case planets and settlements and things), and I've started keeping a list of all the little sci-fi gadgets used.

I'm not heavy on the sci-fi side of things, first and foremost, I write romance, but I love the freedom futuristic/sci-fi romance gives me, to create rules and worlds where I please. Sort of like fantasy writing - the universe is my oyster .

But I learned early on how important time lines are, and keeping a list of characters and who fell pregnant in which book, etc. very important as I am currently writing book 16 in my series...and even though I always have my lists, I still had to spend a bit of time going through older books to work out some details.

So I guess what I'm waffling on about, in my writing tips , is if you're a series writer, keep lists of your characters and places, take regular breaks to revive yourself, and above all, enjoy what you write!


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1 comment:

Savanna Kougar said...

Good tips, Angela. I hadn't thought about a list of devices yet. My sci fi, futuristic series are at the beginning book one stage, mostly.