Thursday, April 03, 2008

My [Actual] Space

My writing space is a room in the middle of the house that “should” have been my dining room. Since I’ve never owned a dining room set, the room started out as a play room of sorts when we first moved in. It used to be where I set up the ironing board [back when I used to iron a regular basis.]

The room is open to a little hallway at one end leading from the kitchen, and has a door which closes it off from a little hallway at the other end. When the house was originally built and was a two-family with one bedroom in each apartment, this was a bedroom. It’s a sunny place with southern exposure that gets pretty warm in the summer time, but works for me.

I share my space with my dog and the fish and usually the cat sleeps on my printer or on the book case next to me. In the picture above, it looks a lot neater than it usually is. Often times I've got piles of stuff on the desk and piles of stuff next to the desk. Back when I was a transcriptionist I used to bring the laundry baskets up from the basement and sit them next to me to remind me that I had to fold clothes during my breaks from working.

Now I leave the laundry in the basement where it belongs.

Why am I not in the picture, you ask?
Oddly enough, I do most of my writing in the kitchen so I'm not distracted by the Internet. My kitchen won't look as good in photos so I'm not including that here, but that's where I actually get most of my work done. Don't tell anyone, though. I wouldn't want to blow the writer's mystique.

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Lynda K. Scott said...

LOL, Doesn't it seem that we all share our offices with a cat or other four-legged family member? How odd is that?

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

If only we could teach them to dust and do some filing once in a while!

Lynda K. Scott said...