Thursday, April 03, 2008

Where'd All This Junk Come From???

They say looking into a person's personal space is like looking into their subconscious. If that's true, boy am I in trouble!

You should see my office —No! Wait! Maybe you shouldn't. It's scary in here. Only I know where I keep things and even then it takes a well thought out expedition, complete with archaeologists and government grants to find what I'm looking for. It's worse if I clean, then I can never find anything. It ends up like Davey Jones locker, there are tales of it, but no one's ever actually seen it.

Point in fact. Before Dave and I left for a trip to San Antonio last month, I cleaned the house from top to bottom, including my office. In there, I had new insurance cards for my vision care. I put them somewhere they'd be safe. Um, Yeah. Right. I still have no idea where they are. I'll probably find them in the next decade. But I'm not holding my breath.

The highlight of my office - well I guess there are two - the built in book shelves that hold everything from the history of surgery to vampire lore. I have grammar reference, books on geology, an encyclopedia of the Plantagenet's. You name it, it's on the shelf. My other prize possession is my desk chair. Now, this is the Queen Mother of all desk chairs. It's a heated massage chair my hubby got me for my 40th birthday. It's the most awesome chair ever. When I tell people that they usually tilt their heads to the side and say, "Really? You're spoiled." - I merely smile and acknowledge that indeed I am.

That brings us to the entertainment media. I have a stereo which CD changer. A tv with DVD/DVR and VCR. I have a satellite dish and a blue million movies. Behind my desk chair is a recliner in case I feel like reading. Of course, it usually holds books I have no where to shelve, and my AlphaSmart from where I downloaded it and wanted it out of the way. Oy!

Then there is the desk itself. It's small, cramped and unstable. In other words, it's a perfect mirror of myself. The monitor shelf is bowing under the weight of my monitor. (Thanks HP for sending me this big thing when you knew I was asking for a thin monitor - ass wipes!) I use the big clunky monitor frame to tape fortune cookie sayings on and lists of my works in progress. (My old monitor was covered in stickers. hehehhehehe)

And that is a tour of my office. I hope you weren't too offended. I know, it needs a vacuuming, but really between writing and working when am I ever going to find the time.

Hey, was that Bigfoot I just saw, hiding behind the tv?

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Lynda K. Scott said...

Bigfoot? Would he perhaps like a blind date with The Thing From Outer Space who I believe inhabits some of the dark and overflowing corners in my office? That is, if Wookie will let the Thing out to play :D

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Stuff disappears in my office too. I can't figure out why since I put everything in one pile on the desk, then I look through the pile weeks later and stuff isn't there. I think maybe the cat does some filing I'm not aware of.