Friday, April 04, 2008

The Writer's Office

I've always envisaged a writer's office as being a place of tranquility, with a couple of big desks, a lovely chair with wheels, a row of bookshelves along one wall, some delicate arty prints on the walls. Neat, clean, tidy.

Well, I sort of made it. SORT OF.

Unlike some of the lovely ladies who write in this blog *waving*, I don't have kids, so my writing space is my own. Sort of. Sort of because Honey, the stray who adopted us years ago and doesn't get on with my other cats, sleeps in my writing room at night and when she wants to stay in during the day (or forced to stay in if sick). So I share my writing room with her, her litter tray, food bowls and water bowl. And a pillow and my old jumper on the spare desk for her.

My lovely wall of bookshelves - well, in this little space I have one pantry cupboard bulging with bits of writing stuff and old study books that I keep meaning to sell (the study books, not the writing stuff), some promo gear, etc.

The lovely bookshelf I do have is a tiny little, narrow bookshelf that has a few knick-knacks on, several name books, some book catalogues and a heap of dust.

I do have a filing was a do-it-yourself-put-together-job...and don't push it too hard because it wobbles. I hold my breath every time Honey jumps on it.

The wonderful chair with rollers is an old swivel chair from an old dining suite we used to have. Move the chair gently or the middle part of the stand falls out and hits you on the foot - producing pain and not very nice words.

The arty prints on the walls...*cough*...there's a couple of cartoons, some great jokes, a calendar of the Pirates of the Caribbean, an age gauge for your pets and a few words of wisdom torn out from magazines. Stuck to the wall with blue tak.

I have a little bin that tends to overflow with paper. Mum has written on it "I am a little Bin. Please Empty Me Regularly". I figure when the bin overfloweth, it needs emptying.

There're two small holes in the lino from where I've been doing a furniture shift and gouged out a hole. Oops.

My desk isn't too bad. It has this hutch and on the top is an old radio, a clock that doesn't work for long, and assorted knick knacks. I'm not a huge knick knack person, but I like these few figurines. I have notes stuck with ye olde blue tak to the edge of the hutch, where I can still see and forget them. A row of CDs down the side in their nifty little shelf. On the desk a printer, my laptop and an upright board a friend made me, which I can clip my plots and bits and pieces on. My desk has two drawers - the top is filled with pens, stapler, labels, paper clips, spare ink cartridges, etc. The bottom drawer is bigger and holds the receipt book, email addy book, plots in folders, ideas, etc.

I have two windows - the one on my left overlooks where the dogs sleep, the one at my back looks into the car port.

Under the left window is a big storage box (was originally a blanket box) from my room, that holds my cross-stitch, some Footrot Flats and Garfield comics, one handbag and a poster. I moved this from my bedroom because I was running out of space there (my bedroom is small and I wanted to change it around -hence something had to move out). Honey thinks the box is great. Mum put a rug on there for her and she lolls back, taking her leisure and peering through the security screen at the cats in the back room who are giving her baleful looks.

When Honey goes out during the day into the back yard (if she chooses to), then my other cats come into the room and sprawl out everywhere - including over my computer.

My room is a small storeroom converted for my writing space. It is painted a pale lilac. I love it. It's my space, and here I create my worlds - and fight with my characters, and fret over not having enough time, and...LOL I find it hard to write anywhere else. I need my little space, my music, my cartoons and sayings, my cats... this is my room!


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Lynda K. Scott said...

LOL, Angela, your office sounds so much like mine! Except, um, I suspect I have more piles of paper than any one person ought to have :D We won't even mention the outright junk, no, we won't.

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Mmm, pale lilac sounds nice. I should repaint my office.