Thursday, June 26, 2008

Journal to Remember

Journaling? I vaguely remember doing that as part of an English assignment in high school. (Where I was a weird blend of emo, jock and nerd.) Really, that’s the only time I’ve ever had anything remotely like a diary. Even then, I dreaded it. It wasn’t so much the writing or even detailing the day that got to me. I just ended up writing the same thing day after day since I did school, tennis practice, dinner and bed. There weren’t any details to dish or a need to unload feelings onto the lined pages. I probably put my teacher, who had to read all that, to sleep!

I do keep a food journal (since I'm working on being the Biggest Loser at my local gym), but that’s not the same thing. I doubt people would even know how to decipher my short descriptions and numbers (though it’s not as cryptic as the one shown on CSI.)

I've thought about starting to journal, since it’s a fabulous way to look back at a person’s life. One of the coolest things my stepdad found when my Nanny died was a couple of her diaries/journals. They were a treasure, especially since she was a teacher and had a fascinating outlook on life. I think that kind of history is a great thing to pass down…like a written legacy.

Plus that way I could remember what I did day to day. I swear, I’m getting more and more forgetful. (Hence all the sticky notes mentioned in my previous post.) Who knows, I might have to pull a fast one and write those forgotten daily jottings like I did in high school to catch up.

And there’s the fact that journals can be made into great books! If only I’d started journaling nine years ago, I could’ve had a great table book about the trials of a girl on her quest for a ring. Someday it will happen! The ring…not the book, since I’m not a member of government nor an affiliate or movie star.

At the moment, the closest thing I have to journaling are my blogs here at Star-Crossed. And perhaps my Romantic Tidbits at which are inspired by events that happen just before my weekly update. (Of course the one about an heirloom engagement ring is a fantasy spurred by an ad I saw in the local paper.)

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