Thursday, October 16, 2008


Oops - late as always - though in the US it's still, maybe not. *biting lip*

Better late than never, though, right?

I see we're discussing the ol' villain. Poor things, they get SUCH a bashing, and why, I ask? They drive the story-line, they provide the meanie, the baddie, the Big Boo for us to rant and rave at, throw at the pretty heroine and give the hero cause to save the said pretty heroine and live happily ever after.

And what does the villain get? A big fat nothing. No "Thanks for being part of the plot." No "Thanks for letting me get lucky with the heroine." No "Thanks for letting me get lucky with the hero." No "Thanks for letting us get everything in the end."

Poor old villain. He/she is reviled, ranted at, hated, disliked - list all the words meaning the same thing. And yet...what would be a good story without the dastardly villain, be it a man or a woman, pretty or ugly, mean or spiteful or plain murderous? We're so lucky they don't have Character Villains Union. Talk about unfair!

We love to hate them. Love to imagine getting our own revenge on them (in quite nasty ways). And yet...

And yet....

And yet I've written a villain in the past who will, hopefully, be a main character in the future. Is that even possible? Let's see - I'm going to find out in the future!

Because my villain has grown on me...oh woe is me...I like my villain!!!

Angela *in thoughtful mode*


Skylar Masey said...

Angela you can make that villain your hero!

My friend Jenna had the same problem, but she FINALLY managed to talk her editor into okaying for her to transform her wicked villain into a hero in his own book. So yes, it can be done! And I hear that transformed bad boys sell lots of books ;0)

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, I've heard the same thing. Some readers love the redeemed hero.