Monday, January 19, 2009

Do Internet Communications Get Cold Too?

We've been having some Very Cold Weather this past week. Mind, it's not entirely atypical for Michigan even though our TV weather 'alarm' team seems to think otherwise I call them the 'alarm' team because every time a snowflake gets within fifty miles of the city or the temp drops below 30, they get all panicky and start crying "Worst Weather Ever!"


Anyone who's lived in Michigan more than five years knows we have crappy winter weather. It's cold, snowy, even icy usually from November through April. It requires a modicum of intelligence from the inhabits - dress warmly (in layers), drive carefully, show a little concern for your elderly or infirmed neighbors by checking on them or cleaning their sidewalks. If you're like me and have little use for winter, start the countdown. It's 60 days to Spring! :D

But lately I've heard a few worrisome comments amongst my co-workers and the weather 'alarm' team. It seems that this cold weather may be upsetting to wireless communications. Now, I've heard that very cold temperatures will discharge a cell phone battery quicker than spit but can the cold affect wireless signals? Add to that the fact that I've lost my home Internet capability no less than three times since winter started. Mind you, my cable has been okay. This is just my Internet. And my provider keeps raising my bill and they want me to increase my package by taking their phone service.

Somehow I don't think that's going to happen.

In fact, I've very, very close to turning a Cold Shoulder on my Cable/Internet Provider altogether. I hear their competition offers very similar services for a lower cost. That sounds almost as good as if the weather 'alarm' team had said the day's temperature would be in the fifties (I wish!)

What about you? Have you heard of or experienced impaired wireless or Internet communications due to cold weather?

-- Lynda

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