Monday, December 14, 2009

Just a note - Bad news and Good news

I wanted to explain in a separate note why I've been kind of spotty here lately. Back in September, my home pc's were hit by a virus and it took a week to find software that would get it off my hard drives. Mind you, I got hit even though I have a complete up-to-date McAfee Virus Scan, Firewall and other Privacy programs. McAfee didn't see it coming, didn't stop it and didn't find it even after it was resident on the hard drive. I finally found a way, after much frustration, to remove the sucker and that was with a freebie called Malware Bytes.

Then two weeks ago, I got hit again. Hard. It sort of looks like the same virus I had previously but I think, this time, it has a piggy back bug riding right onto my machines. Again, McAfee was useless (and, yeah, I think they've seen the last $ from me). This time though the viruses may have damaged my hard drives. I've worked with computers for years and haven't ever found one where even *I* couldn't get rid of it. Right now, I've got my laptop in the shop (keep your fingers crossed they're able to repair/correct the problems) and I'm using my employers pc (with their permission).

I want to apologize to all our readers and to our guest, S. L. Wright, who was originally scheduled for last week, and whose article I'll post shortly. I'll also post a review of her book, Confessions of a Demon, shortly.

As to the jerks who purposely write these viruses...karma can be a bee-aitch with very big teeth.

Now, the good news...I got the rough copy of the new cover for Heartstone and it's Fabulous! As soon as I get the final version, I'll post it for all to see.

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Judi S said...

Try the AVG free version from I've been using it for years and I know that it catches stuff that both the paid versions of Norton and McCaffee miss. I too am a computer tech and I've never had a virus while using this free anti-virus program.

I hope this helps. :)