Monday, March 15, 2010

Guest - Mima

Good morning everyone! This is the Ides of March, not a good time for Caesar but, for us, it's a splendid time. Today, we have multi author Mima on board. You can check out her web page here

Oh, make sure to read all the way to the end. I have another special treat for members of my newsgroup.

The Magical Blender

One of the things that I love most about writing SF/F/P is the slushiness of it. You know how you put yogurt, chocolate syrup, and raspberries into a blender and get nom-nom goodness? Well writing in the magical genre is like that. I can toss together a little action (fireballs are good for this) and a little romance (perhaps a pair of people who seem all wrong for each other). I can carefully measure out a hero who is very much Other (I lean toward shapeshifters), with a mysterious mindset to be discovered. Make sure the magic is folded with a generous portion of belief so it’s more potent, and then sprinkle a garnish of bizarre creatures for imagination (like dragons). Reduce a heroine to her essential element, and bake.

This is close to the recipe I used in my upcoming release Flame Within. Sometimes I feel like a chef who’s been given a set of ingredients and told to create a buffet. It’s fascinating to experiment and discover all the various stories I can concoct. This is especially challenging when working in a series. Each of my Bonded fantasies taste very different, but I still want readers to know they were created with the same ingredients. The story of Odan and Vivienne is my seventh Bonded. While I want them all to complement each other, I also want them to be enjoyed as their own dish. There’s so much variety out there, and the freedom an author has when working in the realm of magic is truly limitless. But sometimes the constraints of building a multi-course menu of books which connect is where the imagination comes alive.

Mima lives on the Erie Canal in NY. She is entirely too fond of metaphors and does not cook. Visit for more about her Bonded fantasies and other magical works.

Flame Within: a Bonded fantasy
Odan couldn't imagine a woman less suited to this mission, but he is reluctantly impressed with how hard she works to succeed at it. Delicate, haughty, with aggressive and decidedly fiery tendencies, she's not his type. Until she is.

Vivienne has hidden her true self for years, afraid to lose control of her future. As Odan strips away her masks one by one, she is surprised to discover she loves the world he opens up. He's maddening, but tender. And strength is very sexy.

Vivienne and Odan both know the burdens of leadership, living lonely lives of power and isolation. As they train together, they grow in respect... and attraction. Furiously working to bring down the lizard birds terrorizing the Cities, they make a beautiful, deadly pair. Which really enrages the darkmages who control the birds. Vivienne will have to flare brighter than she ever has before, even if it burns all her disguises away.
-- Lynda Again --
This week's member word is ides
–noun(used with a singular or plural verb)
(in the ancient Roman calendar) the fifteenth day of March, May, July, or October, and the thirteenth day of the other months.

Members of my newsgroup will know what to do with today's word. You can know too by joining us. But don't worry, there isn't any chatter. You'll only get notices from me so it won't fill your mailbox. My fluffy cat, Wookie Baby, will help me select the lucky person whose name is drawn and I'll announce it here on Friday. (She'd do it herself but her English vocabulary is limited to NO-when she's going to the vet and WOE-when she's getting a bath, lol) This week's prize is GODDESS OF THE HUNT by Tessa Dare, a historical romance that's a very nice change of pace from our normal reading. If you like lush, seductive novels of romance, you'll like this one.

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Pauline B Jones said...

fun summary of the creative process. of course now, i need to go find something to eat. LOL!

Mima said...

me too! and i don't have any raspberries in the house! thanks pauline.

Linda Andrews said...

What a fantastic way to describe writing. Although I guess with dragons and lizard birds, aren't you a little afraid your characters will be devoured. LOL.

Mima said...

Linda, I promise no beloved characters die. Just "red shirts" (trek reference). But it's close!