Saturday, June 12, 2010

Real or Imaginary?

Are you a pretender? Not exactly in the sense as the tv show. I mean do you pretend to know things so that you can write about them? Do you project yourself into your characters to write in a more first person sense?

When I was younger, I never had an imaginary friend who portrayed all the things I wanted to be or had adventures I couldn't. I was the geeky kid that loved Wonder Woman and acted out portions of the TV show after watching Lynda Carter. Then I morphed into my Spiderman phase....yes, I know I'm a girl....but I could so relate to Peter Parker. But like kids who have an imaginary friend, I grew out of my imaginary phase. Though sometimes I still daydream :0)

Or are you the type of writer who really has to get your hands dirty so you can truthfully get the details right? Are you like me, and enjoy new experience so you can learn about topics that you can use as fodder? For instance, this morning I got my first MRI. Of course I turned to the internet to see how I needed to prep. I found that sometimes they let you play music and not to have any metal on your person. (Which made finding clothes, especially a bra, difficult!) I didn't get to listen to music for that half hour, but I was glad I didn't have on metal. I don't know if I was supposed to feel the magnetic waves inside the tube when the frequencies changes, but it was easy to tell by the thumping noise. To keep myself entertained I thought of how the event could be used in a story...what if someone got trapped, how many people could fit, what would people do to stay so still?

Do you also search the internet or library like a CSI to find certain details to make your fiction more real? I confess, I do occasionally turn to YouTube and Wiki for some input. Then there are documentaries on cable...sure some of it isn't all that helpful, but sometimes you hit on a gem. For instance, as I write this I'm watching a documentary called Sports Science that's testing X-Bionic clothing, which makes regular moisture wicking materials look like a fossil.

How do you research and write? Do you prefer to use your imagination with some tidbits of facts, or do you rely entirely on facts with some inventive imagination?

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SiNn said...

honestly i do a little of both with the story im working on most just comes out of my head tho good post!

Lynda K. Scott said...

I do the same, SiNn, a bit of both.

Good post, Skylar, and good luck on the MRI.