Monday, June 14, 2010

Review - Strange Neighbors

Strange Neighbors
Ashlyn Chase

When Merry MacKenzie moves into the old brownstone apartment building, she’s looking for a little independence from an over protective father. But she discovers an overprotective father is the least of her worries. Topping the list is the instant attraction for the building owner/landlord, Jason Falco who happens to be a hunky all-star professional pitcher. Then there’s his nosy aunt Dottie, the vampire in the basement, the werewolf upstairs, the witches and the ghost who flits around with a variety of one and two liners no one but he can hear.

Jason is ready to fall head over heels for the sexy nurse who moved into the empty first floor apartment but he’s got a secret that he’s not sure he can trust her with. He’s a shapeshifter, one who turns into a falcon. But he’s determined to see what kind of a relationship he can have with Merry because she just may be his true mate.

As I began reading, I found myself enjoying the author’s writing style and I found the premise undeniably fresh. However…aside from frequent bouts of fairly hot sex, a brief misunderstanding and an unsurprising black moment, there just isn’t much plot for Jason and Merry.

The plot threads primarily revolve around the ghost. In fact, the story opens with an interlude between the ghost, Chad, talking to a neighboring ghost. Chad, you see, was murdered in the building some years before but he doesn’t know who his murderers were or why, exactly, they killed him and he spends most of his time annoying the other building occupants by passing through them and, hence, making them chilled or haunting prospective tenants for his old apartment.

With such a great premise and writing style, I was a bit disappointed with the book.

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Jacqueline Seewald said...

Love ghost stories especially romantic one. Sounds like a wonderful book!

Jacqueline Seewald
coming in August:
Five Star/Cengage

DR. NORM said...

I wonder why you were a bit disappointed with the book if it had such a great premise and writing style? Did the plot fail to develop the premise?
Speaking of writing style, Lynda, yours is top notch.

Lynda K. Scott said...

Dr Norm, Thanks for the compliment on my writing style! And, yes, the plot, imo, failed to develop the premise. That said, this one book wouldn't take Ms Chase off my reading list. I'm actually looking forward to her next book.

SiNn said...

great honest review ty for posting deff will be checking itout ingeneral I love reading reviews and other peoples opinions or not