Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Time to Put Your Scare On

Good morning all! I'm actually writing this a couple of days early since I have to be elsewhere on Monday. Right now, it's a gorgeous sunny day and, at 72 deg., it's the perfect temperature. In Michigan, we don't get many days like this. So I decided to put a few outdoor decorations up, some for Halloween, some for Thanksgiving. Luckily those two holidays use a lot of the same autumnal colors and elements. 

I've got witches and goblins, spider webs, grave stones, shrieking bats, Jack O' Lanterns, black cats. By then, the leaves will start falling in earnest so we'll have the crunch and crackle of them as sound effects too. I've got dogs that dress up. The cats, including my alien kitten, Wookie, refuse to partake in the fun though. They're fine being part of the decorations.

Around here, the littlest kids come out at 5 PM. It's not even dark yet. When I was a trick or treater, we weren't allowed to go out until it was dark. And no matter how embarrassing it was, we always had a parent tagging along. To be sure, Mom or Dad kept a discreet distance but one of them was there.

But that made me start thinking about Halloween and some of my fonder memories of it. Ever since I was a little kid, Halloween has been a mixture of scary anticipation and yummy treats. Way back when, we used to sit around trying to top each other's scary tales. I know you've heard the variations of the serial killer with a hook hand stalking teenagers at some remote point or monsters stalking teenagers in some remote or teenagers left at home by themselves...uh, I see a theme here. Teenagers apparently wander around with targets on their backs, lol.

After we did the spook walks and gorged on sugar, we'd sit in front of the television and watch monster movies (if it wasn't a school night - Mom was pretty strict about school night routines). If we couldn't watch on Halloween night though, we'd make a production about watching either before or afterwards. Popcorn, Potato Chips, Coke, Dr Pepper, Milk Duds, Sugar Babies,  Red Hots...we all had our favorites. We needed them to keep our strength up for a night of terror ;-)

We'd watch movies like Godzilla (and/or any of the variations-Godzilla vs Mothra, Godzilla vs Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monster, etc), The Thing (from outer space), Creature from the Black Lagoon, Wolfman vs Dracula, The War of the Worlds, This Island Earth, The Time Machine, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, I Was A Teen aged Werewolf, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Them, The Day of the Triffids. Those were good times, lol.

A lot of these have been re-made (a couple have been re-made several times over!) or they spawned quite a few knock offs that were pretty forgettable. 

I always cringe when I see a re-make is coming out. To be honest, The Thing from outer space was one of my favorites for years...then I read the short story it was based on. Totally different and not just scary but downright terrifying. A few years back, there was a re-make starring Kurt Russell that was so true to the short story, I sat in terrified awe watching it. I still love the original movie, but The Thing with Kurt Russell was phenomenal. I see there's another re-make coming out soon. I want to see it but I'm afraid it won't be as good as either of the other two. I'll have to keep my fingers crossed. But I'll watch it anyway, lol.

So...what do you plan on doing for Halloween? Are you having a party? Wearing a costume? Or just chilling while you watch your favorite scary movies? How do you plan to put your scare on this year? It might be early yet but, if you're like me, you probably have as much fun planning for Halloween as celebrating it ;-)


Jacqueline Seewald said...

Guess I'm still a kid at heart, Lynda, because I still love Halloween. I used to write a lot of horror short stories that have been published in a variety of anthologies and magazines. I'm more into romantic mystery now with a paranormal twist. But I still enjoy reading a good scary story.

Lynda K. Scott said...

I love the high tension scary stories and the ones with the cheesy monsters, lol. I'm not much into gore so don't do a lot of slasher types but other than that, This is the best time of year to watch the scary stuff ;-)

Anonymous said...

Its a night for getting comfy and watching scary movies ALL night long! After the kids have stopped coming by I turn out my lights and settle down with candied popcorn and left over candy munchies and watch every scary movie in my collection. Im learning the hard way that doing this isnt smart doing it alone! LOL!

Kari Thomas,

Victoria said...

I love Halloween too but I don't get any trick or treaters. We live in the country and it's too far for the kids to go. I miss all the costumes. When my guys were little I used to make them a Halloween dinner with mummies and bloodies fingers and the rest. They loved it but now they're grown :(. Guess I'll just watch Ghost Hunters again this year.

Thanks for the fun post. Give Wookie a scratch on the head for me :).

Lynda K. Scott said...

Hi Kari,

My hubby and I will be watching scary movies while the trick or treaters come by...actually, I'll be watching. He'll probably fall asleep on the sofa, lol.

Lynda K. Scott said...

Hi Victoria!

We don't live in the country but the houses on our block are really far apart. It's the only block like that in the city (not that I'm complaining because we get a slightly larger than a regular suburban lot) but it means a longer walk and the kidlets just don't like to do that. So we don't get as many as I'd like.

I always made chili on Halloween Eve with 'black widow spider' cupcakes. Sigh. I miss my daughter being little, lol.

Wookie thanks you for the head scratch. She loves that ;-)