Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Review - Demons Like It Hot

Demons Like It Hot
Sidney Ayers
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
December, 2011

Serah SanGermano, a successful caterer, accidentally helped her friend unleash a legion of demons (Book 1 – Demons Prefer Blondes). Since then, her life has become a bit out of kilter in and outside her kitchen. Trying to cope with supernatural skills that are more nuisance than anything else have interfered with Serah's normal, mundane life. She doesn't want anyone to know about these skills. What she wants to do is focus on her try out for a cooking reality show. That's hard to do when her focus shifts to include a demon bodyguard, but one look at the 'Rambo-esque' hunk has all her burners set to high.

Matthias Ambrose remembers what it felt like to lose the ones he loved and he doesn't want to suffer through that agony again. But one look at Serah and his emotional walls start to crumble. He doesn't want to be responsible for her safety but he's not willing to let anyone else take on the job either. But as he discovers what the evil Infernati are planning and the dire threat they pose to mankind, he has to risk letting Serah know his darkest secret so he can protect her and the world.

While Demons Like It Hot was slow in the first half of the book, the increasing action in the second helped the pacing quite a bit. Most of the time the dialogue was deft and witty but the characters had the irritating tendency to utter 'Whatever' far more often than I prefer. While that may not bother other readers, it bothered me because it seemed like a cop-out, a way the characters could stall the emotional action. One other thing bothered me and this may be related to the 'whatever' problem. The main characters seemed less well developed in this book than they did in the first book of the series. In fact, some of the secondary characters were more well rounded. 

That said, though, Demons Like It Hot has an imaginative premise that many readers will find interesting and entertaining. Because it is the sequel to Demons Prefer Blondes, some readers may find reading the first book helpful before tackling the second book. 

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