Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Review - Dreaming Of The Wolf

Dreaming Of The Wolf
Terry Spear
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
December 2011

Alicia Greiston is determined to bring her mother's killers to justice. But not just the thug who pulled the trigger. She wants the mobster who ordered her mother's death too. She's a thorn in their sides and they want her stopped.

That's why, when a big bruiser tries to intimidate the woman who's caught his eye, Jake Silver comes to her rescue. He pretends to know the intriguing woman, even kisses her to prove it, and the thug backs off. But he leaves Alicia with the threat that she won't always have someone to defend her.

Alicia can't believe that a man with Jake's rugged good looks is a knight in shining armor. Her experience with men has been less than successful. But with the threat the thug left, she knows that Jake might be hurt if he sticks around her. When he asks to spend time with her, she accepts but plans on ditching him.

Jake is more than a man though. He's a werewolf shapeshifter and his instincts are telling him to keep Alicia close, to protect her even if she doesn't want his protection. He's confused because the level of attraction and the instinctive need to protect her makes him think she's his mate but she's human. That instinct doesn't apply to humans even though  Jake's passion for Alicia is so intense. When she ditches him, he follows her just in time to see her best two thugs who had also followed her. He's impressed, relieved and even more intrigued but after an afternoon of hot sex, she vanishes again. No amount of hunting gives him any clue as to where she went.

Alicia hates having to leave Jake but it's for the best. The note that threatened his life if he stays around is proof of that. Besides, she has no time for sexy men. She has to catch her mother's murderers if they skip their trial and bring them in. Unfortunately, her informant, who's left her clues as to their whereabouts, has other ideas. He's been changed, made into a werewolf, and doesn't want to be alone. He wants a mate and Alicia is it. His bite leads Alicia into a world she's never known. Then she starts dreaming of Jake. Every night.

Jake is morose after he loses Alicia. Then he starts dreaming about her, hot sexy dreams that leave him emotionally unsettled. After several weeks of not sleeping, he gets a call that she might be back in town and goes looking for her. What he finds explains everything but may cost him everything he holds dear – his family, his pack and his mate.

Dreaming of the Wolf is a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat read from the very first page. Terry Spear knows how to capture her readers with her well drawn, attractive characters and her tantalizing love scenes. Although it's part of the Silver town series, it stands alone quite well and some of the secondary characters definitely need books of their own.

If you haven't got it, treat yourself to a fantastic read.

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Beth Trissel said...

Sounds like a very unique and fascinating read from a very talented author.