Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Guest - Kristin Battestella

 Good morning all! We have a great guest for today. Kristin Battestella is discussing human and vampires today. Enjoy!


Human versus Vampire- It’s Not A Contest!
By Kristin Battestella

“The surgeons wrapped Samantha in a canopy of blue sheets and hooked her up to machines.
“Scalpel,” The masked doctor ordered.
The shiny silver glinted in his hand, then it dove in. Blood soaked the sheets and dyed them purple. Through some of our lost magic still remaining, I spaced out of the operating room. Memories not my own, thoughts and recollections of my Father I still held. From his dying breath to his most treasured moment, I saw my Mother. I saw my mother giving birth to me.
Antonio had been there, and there I was small and bloody and screaming. The vision was black and white, but red blood was everywhere. My mother’s eyes were fading, yet she was lovely, angry, happy, and sad all at the same time. She gasped her last breath, and I heard my own baby cry…”

That’s Gaston, star of Fate and Fangs: Tales from Vampire Family Book 6 Humanity, having a shared memory of his human birth.  More and more in vampire fiction, it seems the brood or romance of the vampire is so wham bam glitter and cool.  This dark underbelly hip power almost always happens at the expense of real world reality and discussion. Humans are simply stupid, paranormal clueless, or just simply not as cool.

Think outside the coffin people!  Vampires originally rose up as myths and legends to explain the unexplained or mirror the dark fears and evil tendencies of humanity’s past.  Why are these parallels not being used in today’s paranormals?  Go there, go deep, get to the soul of the races to tell your tale in multi layered dimensions and relations. Can a vampire born of such a vile exchange ever be anything good? What makes a human of such righteous potential go so bad?

So many of us work the 9 to 5 monotony, addicted to coffee, stressed, depressed, a drone in the routine for the man.  The Vitamin D deficient cubicle workers are indeed vampires, getting their souls and zest for life sucked from them in exchange for finances to curb the minimum existence and continue the vicious cycle over and over again.  Likewise, today’s confused youth listen to emo, go wild, fml, and where’s the meaning while the recent sappy boy vamps of fiction yearn for high school and sunlight and the freedom of their lost youth.  Suffice to say, art and life seem a little backwards.  Use this to your advantage!

In my Fate and Fangs series with Muse It Up, there are seven books to explore these issues beyond vampire coven wars, teen dreams, or vampire cool.  We have some very ugly and unlikeable folks, like Victoria in Tale 4, Debauchery. Some of it is solid, healthy romance, too, Book 1 Love for example.  In Humanity, however, the Welshires have to face the music. …

Welshire brother Gaston is trying to move on with his life now that the Vampire Family is human again for Professor James’ sixth chronicle.  Unfortunately, Gaston’s sister Victoria cannot cope with the change and turns to her former fledgling Caine for unfulfilling excess and access.  Should their pregnant sister Samantha risk the journey to London- and the lives of her unborn children- to save what’s left of The Vampire Family?

How’s a vampire who’s a human again going to deal? What would - or wouldn’t - you do to be a vampire again?  Would you be happy to be rid of the predatory vampire cravings and night time bindings? Or would you become a different kind of soulless person- one who leeches energy, time, money, and materials off others? Our final Fate and Fangs title, Resurrection, asks a very simple question- which would you choose if you had the chance to do it all over again?

Former Lilithan vampire and newly divorced scientist Stephanie can’t get over how much she misses being a vampire in this final tale from Professor James. After a harrowing car accident, Stephanie meets Mestiphles, the giver and taker of vampire power on both sides of the coven wars.  His charm and seductive powers sweeten the demonic offer he extends, but will Stephanie accept his dark opportunities? 

Go for the jugular by all means, but also snare the soul, askew the lines between the living and the dead, and warp the mind!  Be unique in the supposed human or vampire game, turn it on its vein, and tell your story as it needs to be told. Don’t waste the opportunity of examination the vampire mythos naturally brings for some fleeting and trending thin-skinned vampy cool. Really, how mundane is that?

Fate and Fangs: Tales from The Vampire Family

Feel Love, experience Punishment, know Struggle, indulge the Debauchery, crave Lust, learn Humanity, face Resurrection, and choose: Fate or Fangs?

No Blood necessary for the participation in any Vampire Family events.


Kristin Battestella writes for her hometown newspaper The Cumberland County Reminder in New Jersey and has been writing non fiction speculative fiction, dark fantasy, paranormal, and horror for fifteen years. She enjoys being at home with her family, collecting records, and creating web pages in her spare time. Along with numerous sports articles, online reviews (Her review of the film 300 earned 11,000 hits and crashed the Fire Fox News server!), the South Jersey Books Column at Examiner, and fiction work; Kristin's first eBook was published in 2005. She is a member of EPIC, the Friends of the Mount Laurel Library, and has her eyes set on joining the Online Film Critics Society. Kristin's first full-length work The Vampire Family has been re-released with Eternal Press; and in addition to numerous reviews, interviews, chats, and blog appearances, Kristin recently attended the Philadelphia and Collingswood Book Festivals.

-- Lynda Again
    Very interesting post! I'm intrigued by the idea of a vampire-turned-human with the potential to return to a vampiric existence. What do you, our Star-Crossed Romance readers think? Let's discuss it.


Kristin Snouffer said...

Hi Lynda! Thanks for having us back, the whole twisted lot of us!!!

Victoria said...

I think this is a really interesting take here. When I think about it it must be awful for the vampire family to handle not being vampires anymore. And then to have a chance to return - I don't know. I think it would be as difficult a decision to make as for an original human.


Pauline B Jones said...

In the movies and books of my youth the vampires were all bad. It wasn't until Frank Langella did Dracula that I felt a pang when he got staked. He was a gorgeous Dracula. Fun post!