Sunday, January 29, 2012

Workshop: Inside the Criminal Mind

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The Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Chapter of RWA Presents

Inside the Criminal Mind -- Presented by Lucinda Schroeder

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This fascinating class shows writers how to mix true crime stories with fiction writing craft. The result is writing that is realistic yet highly engaging. Students will learn how to create criminal characters that live quietly within the common fabric of society until they pull a trigger, grab a knife or concoct a poison. Cases like the one of a Sunday-school teacher who murdered two husbands, illustrate how to develop authentic motivations for their murderous characters. Students will also learn how to write from the POV of a criminal. "Inside the Criminal Mind" covers the childhood backgrounds and the specific mind-set of murderers, rapist, robbers, and serial killers. This information is critical to making criminally inclined characters multi-dimensional and real.

When: February 6, 2012 through March 4, 2012

The cost is $20.00 for FFnP members and $30.00 for non-FFnP members. Refunds / credits are determined on a case by case basis. If a class should be canceled, then participants have a choice of a credit to be applied to a future workshop or a refund.

This workshop will be conducted via a Yahoo! email loop. Email invitations will be sent 48 hours prior to the beginning of the workshop. Just register for the workshop and complete the payment process via PayPal.

Speaker Information:          
Lucinda Schroeder is a retired federal agent who spent 30 years investigating crimes. She holds a BA in criminology and is the author of "A Hunt for Justice," www.ahuntforjustice --a true crime story that reads like a mystery.

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