Monday, March 12, 2012

Lessons from the Aliens Among Us

Many of you have heard me talk about my alien kitten, Wookie, aka Queen of the Universe, and her minion, Zuzu. Some of you may have heard the sad news that Zuzu recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Zuzu was an intricate part of our meal time routine too but she had an even greater impact on Wookie even though they were different species. Zuzu, with her happy nature and laid back attitude, was in direct contrast to Wookie whose feline nature wants instant gratification.

Watching them interact was a study in friendship. Wookie would do sneak attacks (always from the rear) but she also would curl up next to Zuzu for a nap. As for Zuzu, she considered Wookie a member of her pack…even if Wookie was a kitten, not a dog. She allowed Wookie to investigate her food dish, with or without food being in it. And she gave a silent canine laugh when Wookie would lean over the water dish to drink from the far side because ‘it was cleaner’. And when Wookie attempted to talk to her with meows or purrs, Zuzu would get a perplexed look on her face then solve the communication crisis with a big sloppy kiss.

In truth, they reminded me of the two primary characters in Enemy Mine, the human soldier and the Drac soldier, who put aside their differences and found enough in common that they formed a surprising and lasting friendship. Well, the only ‘war’ between Zuzu and Wookie was for the sunny spot on the carpet but you get my drift. They were friends and frequently shared the sunny spot. 

I’ve learned a lot about relationships and acceptance from these two little fur people and from all the fur people I've known over the years. As writers, and as humans, we need to see how these different personalities interact...whether they get along willingly or indifferently. We need to see loyalty or in action. We can use the lessons we learn to improve ourselves as well as our writing. I’ve used Wookie’s personality for one of the alien characters in my book, Rider. And I’ll be using facets of Zuzu’s personality for one of the alien characters in the book I’m writing now. 

Zuzu may be gone but she’ll live on in our hearts forever.

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Jordan Stoen said...

I enjoyed your observations on the interactions between Wookie and Zuzu. However, I believe there's a case of mistaken identity here. My home is Prime Base for Miss T., Empress of the Universe and Boss of Everybody. I won't tell her there's an upstart in your quarter trying to usurp power. No need to get caught in the crossfire of an intergalactic war. ;-D --Jaye