Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Review - Enchanting The Lady

Enchanting The Lady
Kathryne Kelley
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
August 2012

Enchanting The Lady is another fresh paranormal take on Regency England. In it, magic is the keystone of English aristocracy. Without it, you're a commoner and have no place in society. Interestingly, the amount of magic controlled determines the user's aristocratic ranking with the Royals having the most power and Baronets having the least…which makes sense since the Baronets are shapeshifters who have no real magical power. Baronets are immune to magic and work for the Prince as spies and guards.

Sir Terrance Blackwell is one such man. He guards the Prince against those who might use relic magic, one of the enchanted objects created by Merlin himself. Relic magic is the only thing that can defeat the Royals and must be found and destroyed. Sir Terrance accompanies Prince Albert to a Testing after scenting relic magic close by. What he finds there is a beautiful young debutante, Duchess-of-Honor Stonehaven Felicity Seymour who is about to undergo her Testing.

Unfortunately, Lady Felicity knows she has no magical ability. Oh, sometimes she feels bits and pieces of it, but it rarely comes to her call. She valiantly tries to summon the power for even the lowest rank but fails. She is stripped off all titles and lands and then discovers that not only does she not have a title to draw suitors to her, she also does not have a dowry. Since she is convinced she is totally without beauty, she is understandably devastated by the realization that she will never marry and never have children.

Then, at her come out ball after the testing, she meets Sir Terrance. His open admiration of her and his apparent intent of courting her is astonishing. And thrilling. Sir Terrance is the most handsome and charming man she's ever met and he quite takes her breath away.

But Terrance's courtship is a charade. He wants to find that relic-magic that he can scent around her. If she's using it, though he can't imagine why, he plans on destroying her.  Because as much as he knows that those who use relic-magic are dangerous to the Royals and the kingdom, a sweet ingĂ©nue like Lady Felicity is dangerous to his good sense and his heart.

As the two fall in love, Terrance continues his pursuit of the evil object while attempting to protect Felicity from odd magical attacks. Will he find the relic in time to save Felicity? Or will it destroy both him and the woman he loves?

I have to point out that Enchanting The Lady is a re-print but it is a fabulous books and a delightful read. If you like Regency historical romance and paranormal romance, you'll love this original and fresh take. I highly recommend it.

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