Monday, October 22, 2012

Working Monday

Happy…er… Monday?

Well, it's a glorious day even if it is Monday. And it's a working Monday, the day I do general plotting for my stories and books. 

But I just got my author copy of Magical Mayhem (paperback) and that's pretty good for a squee moment. There are some terrific authors in this anthology and some terrific YA stories. I enjoyed this so much that I'm actually writing another story for the next anthology, Love Stinks.

I had a bit of difficulty coming up with the plot for Midnight Prom (tentative title) and during a convo with my VBFF, I admitted that I'd probably fall back on my YA days. I was pretty sure that I could come up with something that fit the anthologies theme - Love Stinks. Well, VBFF started talking about her prom and things just started clicking. I made a couple of notes and sent them to myself on my phone (got to love these gadgets!) and when I got home, I started writing the story of a late bloomer shapeshifter and her prom night. (No, VBFF is NOT a shapeshifter, lol).

This isn't a whole lot different in plotting terms than some of my other projects. One story was inspired by a NASA news article I'd seen about binary stars. Another was inspired by a dream about dust bunnies (my inner Sally Homemaker was probably trying to convince me to get busy, lol). 

A sexy male photo inspired Heartstone (available in print or Ecopy). A conglomeration of things inspired Altered Destiny (Kindle) (I won't detail all of them because I'd take the whole page to do it but I did huge amounts of research on Scots to write Altered Destiny (Nook) and that was lots of fun!). My book, Rider (still looking for a publisher), was inspired by a TV commercial but, of course, I took it three steps sideways and two steps forward.

Heart of a Dragon, my short story in Magical Mayhem, (Kindle) was inspired by my love of dragons and the clothing of a young girl I'd seen at the mall (always looking for things I can write about of use as details, lol).

I'm not sure how other authors come up with plot ideas but I sometimes worry that I'm a bit…er…out there, lol.

Wookie, my alien kitten, tells me I haven't offered a copy of Altered Destiny here for a while. The first two persons who send me an email ( with Altered Destiny in the subject line will get a pdf copy.

Have a Blessed Day!


Anonymous said...

I've dubbed Mondays "Media Mondays." It's when I do one of my blogs and make sure I've caught up on my other media stuff. Though this morning I was able to get some plotting in as well.

Lynda K. Scott said...

Oh, heck, that's a good name for Mondays too (I may have to steal it). I do a lot of media work on Mondays as well as the plotting to start the week's writing projects.

Isn't it amazing how we all work?

Thanks for stopping by!

Ally Broadfield said...

I couldn't resist checking out a blog on which you talk to...yourself. The cover of Magical Mayhem is gorgeous!

Lynda K. Scott said...

LOL, Ally, you know what they say about talking to yourself ;-) Thanks for stopping by!