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Review - Double Enchantment by Kathryne Kennedy

Double Enchantment
Kathryne Kennedy
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
March 2013

Lady Jasmina's mother has a tendency to "borrow" small bits of jewelry or other items from members of the ton. If her mother's habit is discovered, their family will be disgraced. But as she tries to return her mother's latest theft, a minor illusion spell goes awry, creating a duplicate of Jasmina. The problem is that this 'twin' has vanished and is doing things Lady Jasmina would never do.

Sir Sterling Thorn is a shape shifting baronet, who is immune to magic. He's in London looking for the sorcerer who kidnapped his young sister and who he suspects of using one of the infamous Relics of Merlin. He's about to plead for help from Prince Albert when the reek of Relic Magic reaches him. But when he follows the fading scent to its source, he finds a beautiful young woman. Jaz, as she calls herself, is clearly a member of the aristocracy but she intrigues Sterling and draws him in a way no other woman ever has. As a shapeshifter, he knows Jaz is his mate. But he's no despoiler of innocent young maids. He asks her to marry him when they make love. However, she disappears by morning and he has no idea who she really is.

However, Sterling rediscovers her at the Royal Mage hall but is this straight-laced, prim and proper snob HIS Jaz? It's clear something very odd has happened and it appears to involve a Relic.

Jasmina's first sight of Sterling takes her breath away. He's handsome and virile and everything a woman could want...but he's also a baronet, a shapeshifter. She certainly could never marry a baronet. Her family would be as disgraced as if her mother's thefts were discovered. Besides Jasmina has never expected to fall in love or marry. She's needed at home to care for her parent's household and to protect her mother from herself. After all, who else could return the stolen property? But this 'twin' of hers is doing things that she, Jasmina, would never do and has to be stopped before the Ton finds out. She'd hoped the Prince, being the strongest magical user, would be able to help her undo her spell but since it was affected by a Relic, even he can't help.

Charged by Prince Albert to find the Relic, Jasmina and Sterling work together. Jasmina wants to track her missing other self down and perform a reversal spell with the Relic while Sterling is driven to continue his hunt for his missing sister, Angel. But the more time they spend together, they more they are attracted to each other.  

While Sterling started out being wildly attracted to 'twin' Jaz, the more he gets to know the far more proper Jasmina, the more he finds himself drawn to her. But will she allow herself to love a shapeshifter? He isn't sure. Jasmina, on the other hand, has the most changes to make. It takes her some time to realize that she's not as proper as she thought and that there's more of her so-called 'evil' twin in her than she realized. As she falls more and more in love with the handsome and honorable shapeshifter, she isn't sure if Sterling loves her or if he still loves her twin. 

Kathryne Kennedy's DOUBLE ENCHANTMENT combines humor and emotion in a lovely tale of magic and adventure and romance set in a Victorian era governed by magical standing. This is a hugely imaginative story with terrific characters, a complex plot and a heart-warming love story. I'm sure you'll enjoy it every bit as much as I did. 

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