Saturday, May 11, 2013

Review - Heart of Iron by Bec McMaster

Heart of Iron
Bec McMaster
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
May 2013

Heart of Iron, the second book in Bec McMaster's fantastic steampunk, is a terrific blend of romance, mystery and steam punkery. If you've read Kiss of Steel, you'll be familiar with the principal players in Heart of Iron. Will Carver is still the devoted henchman to Blade but he's moved out of Blade's compound. He has loved Lena Todd, Blade's wife's young sister, since the day he met her. But he'd die before exposing her to the verwulfen virus and that's what would happen if he stayed around.

Lena's been half in love with Will for years but the man is always gruff and downright mean when he's around. So she moved out of White Chapel to live with her (secret) half brother, Leo Barrons, a Blue Blood of the Echelon…which means finding a nobleman willing to marry her. But though she's been pursued, none of the Blue Bloods interest her. In fact, the mere idea of them putting their mouth on her is enough to make her retch. She remains with the ton but she has another goal besides marriage. She wants equality between humans and those infected with the craving virus. So she listens and watches and passes messages to the mysterious leader of the human rebels.

But when the Prince Consort himself wants Will to help broker a treaty with the verwulfen of Scandinavia, Lena is there to help him fit into society. She can't help teasing and flirting with him again as she did before she left White Chapel. This time, however, Will has had enough. He turns the tables on her, igniting a passion that neither wants to admit.

And that neither can deny.

First I LOVED Kiss of Steel, the first book in this series. But I have to say, I LOVED Heart of Iron even more. I guess I just have a thing for wolf shifters and Will is a perfect blend of possessive, fierce (almost berserker quality) protective male and passionate lover. I’d give him a 10 any day. Lena, on the other hand, was a bit… naive. She was almost one of those 'fiesty' heroines we all love to hate who go off on their own while we shout DANGER, DANGER. Still, there was enough honesty in her character that I still liked her a lot. As both Will and Lena's story's unfold, we find there's much more to them than at first meets the eye.

We also have brief appearances by Blade Himself and Honoria in Heart of Iron and it's interesting to see how their relationship has evolved and how Honoria's relationship with Lena matures.

All together, this is another fine book told by a master storyteller. Bec McMaster has created a fascinating world and peopled it with singularly fascinating people. Heart of Iron has it all - mystery, action and a passionate romance. It blazes across the page so quickly you'll have to read it twice, maybe three times, before you're willing to put it down.

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