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Guest - Tameri Etherton

Good morning! We've got a terrific post today by Tameri Etherton. Tameri talks about the goal of writers and the desire of readers - to create and experience the act of falling in love. So help yourself to decadent Apple Pecan Scone (recipe courtesy of Dawn Charles of and available to subscribers of my newsletter (See below for a fantastic offer from Dawn). We also have a fantastic selection of coffees available. I bet you'll find your personal favorite in one of the carafes. Get comfortable and enjoy our guest!

By the way, Tameri also has a great offer for commenters - a drawing for a Starbucks gift certificate. She's got the details in her post so Good Luck!


First, I want to thank Lynda and Star-Crossed Romance for having me today and giving me the chance to chat about one of my favorite topics. It’s a pleasure to be here!

Falling In Love On The Page

Love is fabulous. The euphoria you feel when in love, it can’t be replicated or even explained, really. Anyone who’s been in love will probably tell you it’s the best feeling in the world.

Most everyone wants it, and, I would argue, everyone needs it.

Even fictional characters. Those pesky critters who, for writers, live in our heads and chatter at us all day long. Oh, the joy of writing a scene for two characters who are falling in love, and throwing every obstacle at them except the kitchen sink. Hmm, that would actually be interesting in a fight. :)

But I’m not talking about characters falling in love, not really. I’m talking about those characters we, as readers, fall in love with. Maybe you’ve heard about “Book Boyfriends”, or a friend has mentioned a hero she can’t stop thinking about, and who doesn’t have a friend who is looking for her very own quintessentially aloof Mr. Darcy. These are the characters that snag a heartstring and won’t let go. These are the men we fantasize about, obsess over, and sometimes wish were our boyfriends or husbands. Jon Snow? Oh heck yes! Christian Grey? He might not be your cup of tea, but women the world over want to fix him. And we can’t forget about all of the guys in JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood!

So what makes a perfect Book Boyfriend?

The answer to that question is as varied as the women (and men) who read books! Some like an Alpha hero who can wield a machine gun far easier than a diaper, others like the sensitive type who can prevent world domination with one stroke on the keyboard. Me? I like a bit of both.

Intelligence is sexy as hell. But I’m not opposed to an awesome set of abs. Add a sword and I’m positively swooning.

No matter how many times I read over my manuscript, I fall in love with my hero all over again. Right now, that’s Rhoane from my fantasy series. I know I created him, but somewhere along the way he developed into his own character and did things that surprised me. Same with my heroine, Taryn. I might even love her more than Rhoane (shhh! Don’t tell him). Writing is funny like that. We make up these people, let them take up residence inside our heads for however long, and then fall madly, deeply, forever in love with them. When I have to hurt them, it breaks my heart. But without a little pain on their part, the story would suffer. Right? It can’t be all roses and sonnets. Every so often I get so upset with what I put them through that I have to walk away.

It’s the same when I’m reading a book. I want so badly for everything to go right for the characters, these imaginary people I’m falling in love with, that I get angry when the writer pulls them apart. Yes, I am that passionate about what I read and write. And you know what? I bet I’m not alone. But in the end it all works out. At least, I’m happiest when it does. A true romantic at heart, I love me a good happily ever after.

Now it’s your turn. Who’s your Book Boyfriend or Girlfriend? Has a book ever enraged you so much you had to stop reading, only to pick it up an hour later because you had to make sure the characters were okay? Are you a romantic, or are you cool with the hero and heroine being happy for now?

As a special thank you for stopping by and commenting, everyone who leaves a comment will be entered into a drawing to receive a $10 Starbucks gift card and a cool bit of swag. To win, you’ll need to send me your mailing address (I promise I won’t sell the information or do anything nefarious with it, just mail you some awesome stuff!). You can send me your email now and that way if you win, I’ll be able to reach you right away, or you can wait until the winner is drawn. The deadline for comments is Sunday, September 7, 2014. I’ll pop back in and leave a comment with the winner’s name.

Here’s a bit about Taryn and Rhoane’s story¦

The Stones of Kaldaar: Song of the Swords Book One

Some say she’s the one of prophecy,
that she’ll bring balance to the world.
Others say she’s the destroyer,
meant to bring an end to Aelinae.
They’re both right.

Everything Taryn knew was a lie. Her life on Earth, the man she thought was her grandfather, even her age, were all fabrications meant to protect her, to keep her hidden until she could return to her home world. Once on Aelinae, Taryn realizes she has more to fear than the creeping darkness that threatens to suffocate her.

Unwilling to become a pawn in the machinations of her scheming family and the world she now calls home, Taryn sets out to learn about her mysterious powers. Reluctantly, she accepts the help of Rhoane, a man who promises to protect her, but whom she's not sure she can trust.

As tensions mount and her loved ones are threatened, Taryn must confront an ancient enemy and stop a sinister plan to bring back a banished god.

On Aelinae they say there can be no Light without Dark and no darkness without light. If Taryn fails, there will be only Blackness. Absolute. Binding. Without end.

Failure is simply not an option.

Available now on Amazon! Click here for more details.

About Tameri
Rocker of sparkly tiaras, friend of dragons, and lover of all things sexy, Tameri Etherton leaves a trail of glitter in her wake as she creates and conquers new worlds and the villains who inhabit them. When not masquerading as a mom and writer, rumor has it she travels to far off places, drinking tea and finding inspiration for her kickass heroines and the rogues who steal their hearts with her own Prince Charming by her side.

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    I hope you've enjoyed our guest today. I confess I fall in love with every well drawn hero I read about. Do you have a Book Boyfriend? Tell us about him.
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Lynda K. Scott said...

Hi Tameri,

Great post about book boyfriends! Love that term, btw ;-)

Thanks for being with us!

Tameri Etherton said...

Hey Lynda!

Thank you so much for having me here today. I wish I could say I made up that term, but I didn't. I love it too!

Patricia said...

Fun stuff, Tameri. I'm not sure I have a book boyfriend. I'm so fickle, as soon as I finish a book I move on to the next one and the next hunky hero.

If I had to pick one of my imagined heros it would be Gage from my On Hallowed Ground manuscript. He's not the leading man, he's more of a sidekick, but I would love to meet that man in person. He's kick butt first ask questions later. I like that.

Patricia Rickrode
w/a Jansen Schmidt

Tameri Etherton said...

I love it! Fickle is good, it keeps your playing field open, right?

Oooh, Gage is such a great name. I'm already smitten. And kick butt first, ask questions later is an awesome type of guy to be.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing him with us!

Leigh Neely said...

Lucas Davenport, Roark, Virgil Flowers...oh, heck, I'm just a book boyfriend slut!

squiresj said...

I have never met you or read your books. So glad to get to meet you. Count me in.
jrs362 at Hotmail dot com

Tameri Etherton said...

Leigh, I love you. You totally cracked me up with that comment. In a very good way. Those names, ahh, they send a shiver up my lady parts just reading them...

Tameri Etherton said...

Hey Squiresj,

You are totally counted in! It's very nice to meet you, too.

So, any Book Boyfriends (or Girlfriends) you want to share with us?

Thanks for stopping in!

Tameri Etherton said...

Congratulations to Leigh! You were the winner of the Starbucks gift card and some cool swag. Please email me your address at: tamerietherton at gmail dot com.

I'll get your goodies out right away. Thanks again for stopping by to share your Book Boyfriends!