Friday, July 14, 2006

Recycled Heroes

Have you ever noticed that all your favorite actors from sci-fi series seem to get recycled on other sci-fi shows? I'm watching Stargate Atlantis and love the potpourri of sci-fi alumni that are on that show. There's Mitch Peleggi aka A.D. Skinner from X-Files, and from Star Trek Enterprise, Chip (was that his name on the show? doesn't sound right, but you know who I mean.) Then there's the holographic doctor from Voyager, who is a fully realized human on this show. Former Farscape castmates Ben Bowder and Claudia Black have become part of the regular cast on Stargate SG-1. I love this! It's so great to see actors I've enjoyed in series that have been cancelled becoming part of shows I currently watch. I feel as if my universe has reached equilibrium when that happens, even though the characters they now play may be very different from the one's I grew to love them as...

...which brings me to a point... have you ever recycled your characters? I had a strange experience the other day...and for me, that's saying quite a lot. Anyhoo, I had just gotten into the shower when a very minor character in one of my novels (By A Silken Thread, TBA from Triskelion) climbed in there with me and stole the soap. I kept waiting for him to offer to wash my back, but he wouldn't until I heard him out. It seems he is eager to tell his story, and what a story it is. I would have called him rude had he not kept me spellbound with the fantastic tale he spun. Though a sexy bastard, I had to wonder at his timing since it's no small secret I am in a mad dash to complete my current WIP before RWA nationals. And yet, he wouldn't leave me alone until I agreed to write at least the rough idea down and promise him I would consider it on the list of books I'm working on...(Currently numbering 15 in all. He obviously is not only rude, but merciless as well.)

So, now I am totally captivated by the possibilities in this story of his, and yes, it's rife with paranormal beings...dark angels to be precise.

Have you ever had a minor character approach you to tell their story, or am I alone in my madness?



Lynda K. Scott said...

Kat, if a sexy character bops into the shower with me and demands I hear his story...well, he better be prepared to scrub my back, LOL

Seriously, I've had that happen. In ALTERED DESTINY, date TBA, the Qui'arel Lord, Gabriel, who appears at first to be a bad guy but later helps the hero and heroine, fascinated me (and a lot of my critters). I suspect he's going to want a chance to explain himself in his own book.

Angela Verdenius said...

oh yeah, I've had that happen to me! In fact, when writing my series, I always get interested in another minor character and end up writing their book. That's how the Heart &Soul series happened. I wrote Heart of an Outlaw with no idea of writing anymore, but then the sister and best friend of the main characters sparked off each other, and needed their story, then the cousin, then another friend, I'm writing book 13...

nope, not alone in the minor characters becoming demanding!!! LOL