Guest - Kathryne Kennedy

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Guest - Kathryne Kennedy

Good morning, all! Today's guest is Kathryne Kennedy, perhaps one of the best fantasy romance writers I've read. Kathryne is answering some interview questions I posed to her. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and if you like fantasy romance, her publisher, Sourcebooks, is offering a giveaway of Kathryne's latest, The Lady of the Storm, for two Star-Crossed readers. Check out how to enter the drawing below. And you'll want to check out my review of The Lady of the Storm.

Kathryne Kennedy Interview  

In my quest to bring Star-Crossed Romance readers interesting posts from SF/F/P romance authors, I sometimes like to do interviews. It always surprises me how much we authors have in common, lol, even though we come from different backgrounds. If I didn't ask a question that really arouses your curiosity, make sure you ask it in a comment. If you do,  leave your email addy with the question AND if you enter the drawing (instructions below), you'll get an extra chance to win.

LKS: I'm a HEA addict and romance is just about the only genre where you're guaranteed a Happy Ever After. What draws you to romance?
KK: They are character-driven stories. There is always a heroine I can relate to. They enable me to recapture that first rush of excitement/mystery/vulnerability when falling in love.

LKS: When I began writing, I started with pure SF or Fantasy. Have you ever written outside the romance genre?
KK: I have published several short science fiction/fantasy stories, but most of them had an element of romance to them. It’s just something that comes naturally to my writing. So although I’ll continue to write books heavy in fantasy, I doubt if I will ever write anything that lacks a romantic element.

LKS: This is a question I was asked when I visited another blog and I thought it was really interesting. So I'm asking it here: What’s your earliest childhood memory?
KK: That’s a difficult one. I think my earliest was when I was about four or five years old, and our babysitter in Okinawa put salt on a cut I had, cause she said it would clean it out and stop the bleeding. I think I remember it because it hurt so badly!

LKS: If you could pick anyone in the world to be the cover model(s) on your latest release, who would it be?
KK: Johnny Depp. For me, he’s the most beautiful man alive, and would certainly make a perfect elven lord…if he dyed his hair ivory, that is.

LKS: Johnny Depp is such a versatile actor, I can see him as one of your elven lords very easily. I think actors and writers have that versatility in common and it's probably due to the things that interest us. What’s your favorite hobby outside of writing?
KK: Honestly, I don’t have one right now. Between my writing and some health issues with me and my family, I just haven’t had the time. I still treat myself to shopping now and then. Does that count as a hobby?

LKS: LOL, yes, if you're female, shopping absolutely counts as a hobby! What’s the one question you wish people would ask you when you tell them you’re a writer? 
KK: Where they can buy my books. :) And of course, I would tell them to visit my website,!

Thank you very much for having me here today, ladies! It’s such a pleasure to answer such interesting questions! I’m looking forward to meeting your readers and responding to the comments! I’d love to know some of your own earliest memories, and how young you were when they happened. I found that question so thought provoking!


Giles is bound to protect her...
In a kingdom viciously ruled by warlike elven lords, village blacksmith Giles Beaumont reluctantly swears to protect the half-elf, half-human Cecily Sutton, never dreaming that he will fall under her enchanting spell.

But duty soon turns to desire...
When Cecily's father disappears, Cecily and Giles set out to find him. But, as their journey unfolds, duty is quickly replaced by desire—and the search for Cecily's father leads to a magical destiny that could end the rule of the elven lords forever...

“Fantastical creatures, magical spells, lengthy quests, angst, and passion will satisfy readers looking for a romance plot in a well-developed fantasy setting.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Kennedy’s exquisite world building and terrific plotting make this a must-read.”
—Booklist Starred Review

Kathryne Kennedy is an acclaimed, best-selling, award-winning author of magical romances. She welcomes readers to visit her website where she has ongoing contests at She’s lived in Guam, Okinawa, and several states in the U.S., and currently lives with her wonderful family in Arizona, where she is working on the next book in The Elven Lords series, The Lord of Illusion (February 2012).

-- Lynda Again,
I want to thank Kathryne for being with us today and I want to point out that The Lady of the Storm is the second of her fabulous series. I read the first, The Fire Lord's Lover, and reviewed it here.
Now, I did mention that Sourcebooks is offering a copy of The Lady of the Storm to two of our readers. Here's how to enter:

1) Send me an email with Lady in the subject line.
2) In the body, put your snail mail address.
3) Answer this question - Who does Kathryne think would make a good cover model for her Elven Lord books?

Make sure you send this by Friday, August 12 so I can put your name in the prize box and have Wookie, my alien kitten, select the winner.

WANT AN EXTRA CHANCE TO WIN? Send me the email outlined above (you have to do this if you want to be in the drawing at all). For the extra chance, leave a question or comment for Kathryne and tag it with your email addy (use the same email addy you used to send your address/answer). I'll put your name in the prize box twice to increase your chances of winning. 

Good luck and have a Blessed Day!

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18 Responses to "Guest - Kathryne Kennedy"

Pauline B Jones said...

A fun interview! My earliest memory is getting my tonsils out. I remember fighting the nurse who wanted to steal my new pajamas. (grin)

Congrats on the new release!

Jacqueline Seewald said...


Congrats on the publication of your novel. It sounds like a wonderful book.

Jacqueline Seewald

Jean P said...

Your books sound really interesting, full of magic and passion with some drama, I look forward to reading them. Great looking cover, what is the process you go through to choose a cover?

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Victoria said...

Enjoyed your interview. Your books sound really good. I love Johnny too, he would make a great cover model :).


Author Kathryne Kennedy said...

Hi Lynda! Thanks a million for having me here today! Your kind words really mean a lot to me.

Author Kathryne Kennedy said...

Hi Pauline! LOL. :}

Author Kathryne Kennedy said...

Hi Jacqueline! Thank you so much!

Author Kathryne Kennedy said...

Hi Jean P. My publisher actually does the covers. They do allow me a great deal of input though, which is really unusual. The cover for The Lady of the Storm is one of my very favorites. I was thrilled when I saw the concept for it. So Nice to hear from you!

Author Kathryne Kennedy said...

Hi Victoria. So nice that we agree. :}

Pauline B Jones said...

I sort of recall her giving me some lying story about getting blood on them, but I know she just wanted the pjs. LOL!

Lynda K. Scott said...

LOL, Pauline, what a mean nurse you had!

Pauline B Jones said...

I know! She had a job! could have bought her own pjs instead of trying to take mine! She got the bottoms, but she didn't get the top. I crossed my arms. Didn't get any ice cream though. Some people are SO bitter and vengeful!

aharlib said...
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aharlib said...

Dear Kathryne,

I love all your fantasy romance books. You blend the magical and the emotional parts so perfectly! I can't wait to read your latest, LADY OF THE STORM, the stories keep getting better and better!

Reading and Performing in NYC

desitheblonde said...

my first memory was when i was 12 i got bite by a black widow and then the doc decided to operate on my arm
and i told him right out if you have to cut it off do it and my grand and my mom freak out the surgery took about 6 hr this is before they have the new stuff and then i came to my room and i told my mom iam not felling good and threw up on her and then grandma laugh her head off at my mom
i still have bad scar on my arm and then i live with it

Lynda K. Scott said...

Yikes, Desi! If I'd been your mom or grandma, I'd have freaked out too!

Everyone, don't forget - I need your entries for the giveaway by Friday (follow the instructions at the bottom of the post). We've got a bunch of entries but can always use more ;-)

annalisa said...

Enjoyed the interview! :)

One of my early memories is when I was a little girl I was riding on a scooter and my sister rammed into me with her tricycle and down I went. The handle on the scooter was metal and when I fell, it hit the knuckle on my right hand and cut it. I remember running home with blood pouring down my hand. My Dad told me to stop crying and he cleaned the wound up and got it to stop bleeding. It wasn't until I grew up that my Dad told me how scared he was and that it looked like I had cut it to the bone. I can still see that scar on my knuckle and I'm almost 60!


Lynda K. Scott said...

Wookie just gave me (in exchange for her very favorite treat!) the two names she pulled from the prize box.

And the winners are:

Jessica W.


Amy H.

Ladies, I know you'll enjoy The Lady of the Storm as much as I did.

Thanks everyone for stopping by!