Monday, September 25, 2006

Buns of Steel - Who's Your Super Hero?

In October, my first Super Hero story releases with Amber Quill Press. The Adventures of Molten Man (No. 1) is somewhat satirical erotic romance. It’s quirky and (I hope) funny and it pokes a little fun at the super hero genre. [Since my husband is addicted to City of Heroes I felt I was somewhat entitled.]

Here’s a question that plagues me – how does one classify super hero fiction? Is it strictly fantasy? You will believe a man can fly – or so they said about Superman. Does the fact that Kal-El is an alien make it science fiction? If a super hero is part ghost, or gets his or her powers from some ancient cursed or blessed artifact, are we then talking paranormal?

Super heroes on the IN list these days, probably due to the popularity of shows like Smallville and the success of the X-Men movies. I think this is great news – since traditionally super hero fans love to read and will happily spend their last buck on the next installment of their favorite comic book. [Source: DH again.] Super hero fans are loyal, intelligent and notoriously well versed in every aspect of their chosen genre. [Ever get in the middle of an argument about the effects of green versus red kryptonite? Best advice, just nod, smile and back away slowly.]

No matter what sub-genre it actually falls under, add a little romance, some steamy encounters and you’ve got, in my opinion, a winning combination.

Who’s your favorite super hero?

For a short excerpt from The Adventures of Molten Man No. 1, pop over to my blog at Two Voices.


MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott said...

Your husband may read them...but mine writes them. So, I am so there with you on the entire Super Hero genre. But I have to say there are a lot of them I like myself. Hell Boy is great!! I've read Lucifer since the beginning, (an offshoot of the Sandman series, sans Neil Gaimen.)

In addition to his comic strips, my husband is currently writing two comics with more adult themes...(Not to say there is sex in them because there isn't...but there is plenty 'o voilence) One is titled. Tales of the Motor City: Detroit Deisel. And the other is..The Return of Buster Crash. (Buster is a sort of Flash Gorden-esque serial dealing with dimensional travel). He's a self-published artist, and has lots of fun doing so. (He's on hiatus at the moment due to school.)

As a matter of fact our friends all write and draw their own comics, so they are a big part of our lives. I was thrilled when the genre exploded over the last few years. How wonderful was that???

I think it's so cool you wrote a book about a super hero. Can't wait to read it!!

I did a short story once that was a parody on super heroes that were in retirement and out of shape because all the villians had been caught...and then what happens? The freakin' Incredibles comes out and once again my story idea has been stolen and put on the big screen.



Skylar Masey said...

{The Return of Buster Crash. (Buster is a sort of Flash Gorden-esque serial dealing with dimensional travel).}

This brought to my mind Booster Gold from way back when I was a teen. If memory serves he was an athlete that wanted to up his image by turning into a hero with the help of a super suit, and from that trouble ensued. At one point I think it also played with time travel, but that part of the memory is a little fuzzy.

Give me any type of para/sci-fi/fantasy superhero! I'm game.
And I know a couple of other people who love the Super Hero sub-genre including a Wonder Woman expert, so skilled in her craft she knew Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer's book had faults:0)

BTW did any of you watch Who Wants to be A Superhero? If not and you want to catch it, they have it for download at and the DVD set on sale.

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

My husband and kids watched "Who Wants to Be a Superhero." I'm only happy DH didn't know about the sign ups beforehand or he would have been a contestant. His home office is a testament to Green Lantern.

MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott said...

Green Latern, great character. One of our best friends, Glen used to be the colorist for the Superman comic back in the '90's. it was pretty cool. We were at a small convention in Wildwood, NJ back in 2000 and this man stops dead in his tracks when he sees Glen's name. He says, "Glen Whitmore? You used to color for Superman." Glen was so shocked he had a fan that remembered him as a colorist...but what was even more outragous was that the guy was from Ireland. The fact he had a fan, and one from so far away was double cool.


Cassandra Kane said...

Does the Bionic Woman count as a superhero? *g*

Anyone read the graphic novel "The Watchmen"? It's probably the best 'comic' about superheroes - but it's all the nasty stuff that happens behind the scene - the envy, the jealousy, the greed, corruption, etc. Tag line for it is 'Who watches the watchmen?'. Best graphic novel I ever read.