Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fable Me Evil


That maniacal laugh would be the call to arms (or final gloat over your dying body) from Rumius, villain-superb from TIES OF VALOR. As the leader of the Vahezhno, a band of outcasts from Aquilar, he’s a major evil dude who doesn’t “come in peace” where hi-tech Voyagers are concerned.

Wondering why he and the rest of his less than merry men (and women) got booted out of my hero’s city?

His Fable-like tale took a turn to the dark side, instead of continuing to cruise along the path of good. Most would convict him as guilty for plotting against the throne at all, but in truth he could’ve backed out and taken the higher road. Alas, he stormed Mostyn, the royal castle, tried to destroy the historic landmark and assassinated the best King Aquilar had ever been graced with. What made the act dreadfully damning was the fact that Rumius had been a loyal, even beloved comrade, of King Weyde Shandar up to that point in time.

So why the rift between chums?

Technology. There are those who embrace inventions in every form for the benefit of all and those that see them as a scourge on society. If you guessed Rumius banded with the latter then you deserve a gold star. He along with his band of followers were ousted from Aquilar and all the creature comforts of life it afforded. Living off the land, the Vahezhno became muck-ridden marauders who take from others what they can’t make for themselves. In that vein, Aquilar still remains Rumius’ ultimate prize, the gleaming trophy he yearns for.

One problem stands in his way—Awyn, Prince Regent of Aquilar—who vowed over his father’s lifeless body, that he would avenge Rumius’ deceit.

If Rumius can’t outlast a man who’s half his age, and he can’t outplay a hero who’s got a garrison of warriors, then last but not least, he must outwit him. Which means hitting Awyn where it hurts—the Valaxanos, Zara—a visitor he’s sworn to protect.

Plant a few rumors that she’ll cause Aquilar’s ruin, brainwash her into a Vahezhno wantabe and everything should be peachy for Rumius’ plan. Except in the case of underestimated quarry accidents can happen, since not all women play nicely when backed up against a wall.
To find out if Rumius manages his coup nab a copy of TIES OF VALOR, due out November 2006 from Triskelion Publishing.

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Angela Verdenius said...

Ooohhh - I Love BAD villains! Villains who are bad, no excuses unless it's utterly believable!

Bad to the Bone is my motto! LOL