Monday, October 09, 2006

Review for Heartstone

Folks, I'm sorry I've had such a low profile around here lately. I've had to work OT at the day job, I'm trying to do a rewrite on my book and I'm trying to get my kitchen emptied (it's going to be remodeled in just a few short weeks) and to top it all, I've picked up a nasty bug from my dear husband, affectionately known as Typhoid Husband.

So I'm taking the easy way out on the blog today and will share part of a review I had for Heartstone. Good reviews are like icing on a book (the cake itself is the actual contract) This is especially true for Heartstone because it sat for five years on a publisher's desk 'under consideration'. Let me tell you, that kind of 'consideration' hurts a writer's confidence. Badly.

So a good review really does lift the spirits (particularly when the writer can't breathe and has to take rest breaks between walking from the livingroom to the kitchen (trust me, that isn't a long trip) due to a cold given to her by a generous Typhoid Husband.

You can click here to see the complete review.

"Heartstone is a satisfyingly complex contemporary fantasy novel which will keep the reader involved from paragraph one. 4.5 Stars"
Annie Kudzu, Ecataromance Reviews


Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Congratulations on the review, Lynda! I know the dreaded quagmire of 'consideration.' The first publisher I sent my sci-fi romance 'Flight of the Valkyrie' to, technically still has it. They never got back to me, despite a follow-up letter from me, a request to resubmit and a face-to-face meeting with an editor. If they ever do get back to me on it, I'll be happy to send them the published book which finally found a home in April 2006.

MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott said...

I'm so happy for you, Lynda!!!! This is such wonderful validation for what we've known about you all along....YOU SO ROCK!!

Next time we're at a conference together I'm going to buy you the biggest drink to celebrate.

Oh, and I hope you get better real soon.


Cassandra Kane said...

Congrats Lynda! That was a wonderful review!

I can't believe the publishers had it so long. At least it's found a happy home now.

Hope you feel better (((hugs)))