Thursday, January 25, 2007

Future Worlds and Space Travels

My future and sci-worlds are varied.

I know that sounds like a funny way to start this blog, but I don't know if it's a conscious descision on my part, or if I just do it naturally. Unless I get really into a created world, I don't read more than one or two books in a series. Pern really grabbed me, as did the land of Deverry. Valdmar also sticks out as a pinnacle I've wanted to reach in my own writing. Oddly enough, my elaborate and painstakingly crafted worlds have found no success with either publishers or agents. The books I've felt I've rushed through and have kind of thrown the worlds together, or let them evolve as I've written the stories. Does that mean that the more organic of the worlds are the ones that resonant with editors? I'm beginning to believe it.

I've recently sold a short story to Samhain that I'm pretty damn excited about. This was one of those stories that grew out organically from a simple sentence. A 'what-if' sentence, but a sentence none-the-less. Now, this world is very different from most of my others. It's sci-fi to be sure, but features a heroine who can hear the energy of organic and some none organic matter as sound waves...or rather notes on the musical register. In a way it's a sci-fi with some psychic overtones. Not mystic though. Even though the hero calls her a mystic, she is first and foremost a soldier and a scientist. Kara Zaire is part of an advance team, inspecting the surface of Solarion to ensure it's compatible to human life. Cimirion - the planet the away is from - has had 20 years of climatic changes that have turned the planet to one of four season to that of one. Winter. Ice and blizzards are now the nor, paralyzing the planet and zapping it's resources. Thus the trip to the duel-sun planet of Solarion. But for some reason Solarion has no music. The energy makes no sounds, and Kara is determined to discover why.

I loved this story. I wrote it in less than a week and was very happy with the results. It was truly one of those projects where the idea and characters manifest themselves in ways you know just come together like a gift of the Gods. If felt more like a stenographer than a writer as I took down Kara and Cash's (the hero) story.

I think I'm going to really like revisiting that planet in the future. I hope Samhain will allow me to.

I have other sci-fi worlds I'm working on. In that huge TBW (to be written) pile that has accumulated on my zip drive. That's what this half of the year is for.

In July, the release of my novella FALLING STARS will hit the shelves in Secrets Volume 19: Timeless Passions. Go to my website at to read a blurb. That was another story that kind of wrote itself for me. I think it's probably one of my most inventive as far as the technology goes, but not beyond belief.

I love losing myself in sci-fi stories, whether reading them, or creating them.



Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

I love the stories that write themselves. That feeling that it's right because it must already exist somewhere in the ether and you're just committing it to paper - that's the best.

Xandra Gregory said...

I know! Those kinds of stories are the really feel like you're tapping into something great. I love it when lightning strikes like that.

And Pern--oh, Pern. I'd still totally visit there if I could.