Monday, January 22, 2007


Imagine crash landing your Xion on a planet that isn’t included in any celestial database. Wouldn’t you wonder what the score was before making contact? See below for what my heroine, Zara Dior, would’ve liked to know before she came face-to-face with my hero, Awyn Shandar.

Alamea: A machine Awyn’s brother Oron invented that heals Aquilarians (but doesn’t have a seating for Sartinians like Zara).

Anglais: One of the two languages spoken on Daireben, atleast in Aquilar. (This one Zara luckily knows!)

Aquilar: The walled city on Daireben which the Queen Sercie Shandar rules after the death of her husband.

Aure: Devices designed by Oron that can levitate objects and be lead via sensors.

Carrin: Blue vegetables.

Daireben: (was Beryl, which my editor thought sounded too much like a person’s name)
Prince Awyn’s planet which is full of vegetation and wonders waiting to be discovered like glittering mountains and miniature cyclones. (Zara later discovers it is part of the Nenturian Galaxy.)

Dimaci: Cumbersome carts made for hauling by Aquilar’s scientists.

Feulys: A dangerous flower whose fresh scent entices viewers to touch it, causing barbs to spring out and kill if they are amassed densely. (Picture a deadly red/orange tiger lily here.)

Frean: The native language spoken on Daireben, atleast inside Aquilar.

Holotoque Galerie: A hall where Aquilarians come to unwind, though Awyn uses to train for combat and to fly a prototype spacecraft. (Think Star Trek Holo Deck with the power to zap on contact.)

Lucimenna: Translated in Frean it means “blue moon stone”.

Misck: Savory meat usually served with Carrin.

Periode Nuits: An occurrence that happens every year where the moon rules for six days due to an eclipse.

Plaisir Fete: (Originally called the Festival of Celebration) This is the time of the year to celebrate all the Aquilarians have achieved during the year which coincides with the Periode Nuits. (In Zara’s assumption think of it as a planned vacation.)

Pouli: A pasta dish with green gelatin glaze. (Zara terms this as green slop and refuses to eat it.)

Prean: Tart fruit juice that comprises part of Zara’s first meal in Aquilar.

Skena: A body hugging suit that is capable of changing color with voice commands. (A highly tradable commodity as far as Zara is concerned.)

Tropi: A sweet, light pink drink. (Compare this to Strawberry Kiwi from Crystal Light.)

Vahezheno: Translated the name means “the strong people who walk alone.” They are the direct enemies of Aquilar and threaten to destroy anything not of Daireben (including Zara!). Led by Rumius, a defector from Aquilar who assassinated King Shandar.

Valaxenos: A term that applies to visitors who enter Aquilar before they are tried by the Queen to determine their place in Aquilarian society. (This is Zara’s rank within the city.)

Zalin: A material made in Aquilar. (Zara likens it to dark moondust that feels like velvet.)

Zetas: Pastry cocoons filled with veggies or meat. (Think of these as Hot Pockets!)

Zizan: A government protected flower that makes its own light and only grows in Aquilar.

TIES OF VALOR also includes plenty to explore from Zara’s adventures like the Canisapiens of Tearnean Five (originally called the Dogmen which my editor said leaned toward male bashing) and the Ha’bean, a band of immortal warriors.

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